6 questions every gigolo must answer (# 4. The FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY question)

Here is an email I received recently.
“काम बता 
औरत की चूत कैसे पेलनी है मैं सिखाता हूँ तुझे”

Here is an email from another guy.
“I want to work as gigolo plz help. How can I do? I am jobless, I dont
have money to run my daily bread. I dont want to be gigolo for sex, I only
want because I can earn good and I good on bed too.”

And another.
“i m xxxx from bangalore…i spend more then 59000 rupees in fraud escort gigolo service….i m totaly helpless ……i need money urgent for my mom leg operation….sir please pleaze please help me….if you hv any cont no of real gigolo service please tell me give no….please sir reply pls”

I get hundreds of mails like these. These men are convinced that if they can just get some client contacts, they can launch their gigolo careers.

Here’s what’s common between these guys: none of them have any idea what makes a woman want to hire a gigolo.

Even if I give them a client contact, she will reject them (within seconds of meeting them) because she’ll know that these guys are no different from the desperate men she meets everyday.

That’s what we’ll talk about in today’s question # 4

 icon-quote-left The FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY question:
Do you understand what makes a woman think and behave differently than a man? icon-quote-right 

Do you have any idea what a woman goes through in her life?

Do you understand the misogyny and sexual abuse most of them face daily? Did you know that 80% of all women face sexual abuse at some point in their lives? Are you aware of the blackmail that many of them undergo?

Do you have any idea what it feels like to bleed for 5 days of every month? Or the constraints she faces because of menstruation? The physical, emotional and social constraints.

Do you know why more and more women are choosing to stay single? They are tired of men chasing them for sex. What she’s looking for is a man she’d like to chase. Unfortunately all she finds is overgrown babies, mama’s boys. She’s not interested in them. She does not want to live a life of compromise, pretending to have orgasms, pretending to be happy, like her married friends are doing. She’d rather stay single.

Did you know, even women married to rich families are tired of their perfect lives? They live in a golden cage, have every luxury that money could provide but they are dying to taste some adventure. Yes, dying. Many of the illnesses women suffer from is because of suppressing their desire for adventure.

Did you know that when a married man is found to have an affair it is forgiven as a stupid mistake but when a married woman has an affair it is a disaster, she is condemned for life for cheating on her husband and destroying the family’s reputation. Double standard. That’s why women do what the society wants, what her parents want, what her in-laws want, what her religious leaders want, while suppressing what she herself wants.

Can you see the tears women hide behind the brave face they put up? The beautiful rose is what she shows in public, the thorny stem she always keeps hidden.

Did you know that when a woman has an affair it is not always because she does not love her husband? It’s usually because she misses passion and excitement in her marriage. Love is not enough, women need a good dose of lust too.

Do you know that some of the most loving couples I have met are impotent men who bring their wives to me? That wife would never leave her impotent husband. She loves him too much. Lust is not enough, women need a good dose of love too.

Men hire a sex worker for a simple reason: he is horny. Women are more complex. She hires a gigolo because she seeks passion, adventure, excitement, even a bit of danger.



Tomorrow will be question # 3. A higher level of challenge.

Here is Question # 6 and Question # 5 from earlier posts.

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6 questions every gigolo must answer (here’s # 5. The ABUNDANCE question)

Yesterday was question # 6

Today is # 5

 icon-quote-left The ABUNDANCE question:
Do you walk, talk and move in a way that shows you need nothing from anybody? icon-quote-right 


When most wannabe gigolos interact with a client, they appear like they need something from her. As if they need her approval, need a kiss, need s*x.

If he is hired for an indirect service like massage, he is desperate to have s*x with her instead of providing a great massage. If he was hired as a tourist guide, he is desperate to get physical with her instead providing the best possible tour of the place.

Women are turned off by needy behaviour. She can find needy men anywhere, any time. Her neighbour is needy, the boys in her building are needy, the dhoodhwala is needy, the baniya is needy, the dhobi, the courier boy, the building watchman, the gardener, her driver, the salesman at the mall, the waiter at the coffee shop….everywhere there are men needy for s*x and waiting for a signal from her. She can get them any time for free.

But if she’s going to pay money, she wants somebody special. She wants a man who needs nothing from her, not sex, not money, not approval. A man who comes from a place of abundance.

Women can detect needy behaviour when she interacts with you by email, SMS, whatsapp, phone. She can detect it when she meets you for the first time. From the way you enter the hotel, the way you say hello, the way you hold eye contact, the way you shake her hand or hug her, the way you undress her, the way you touch her, the way you transition from an indirect service to seduction. She can detect it from your body language, your voice, your touch, your words. Example: If a client rejects you for some reason, can you cheerfully say “No problem, have a nice day”, turn around and walk away without taking it personally? While providing an indirect service, when you start seducing her, if she says she’s not interested in seduction, can you calmly go back to continue the service without sulking or asking her why? If a client hires you once but not again, can you avoid calling her to say you miss her?

How can you stop being needy and project abundance in the way you walk and talk? We do elaborate exercises for this at our gigolo training sessions, but here’s a simple tip. Count your blessings. Feel gratitude for what you do have. Don’t have enough money? Feel gratitude that you are not in a wheel chair. You can at least move your hands and legs, and earn a living. Don’t get enough s*x? Feel gratitude that you can masturbate. There are handicapped people who can’t even do that. Like the famous quote, ‘I cried because I had no shoes, until I saw a man with no feet’. When you’re always feeling gratitude, the women you meet can sense that you are in abundance, that you don’t need anything from her, that you are complete by yourself. And that is attractive.


Tomorrow will be question #4. It will be more challenging.

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P.S. Even if you don’t want to be a gigolo, following these tips will make you the kind of man that every woman dreams of meeting.

6 questions every gigolo must answer. # 6. The PRESENTABILITY question

Women can find a man anywhere, any time, for free. All she has to do is maintain eye contact for more than 5 seconds and he’ll follow her home like a little puppy dog.

This is even more true in India with so many sexually frustrated men desperate for s*x.

Expecting an Indian woman to spend time with you is difficult enough. But expecting her to pay you for your time? Now that is virtually impossible for most men.

But still there are successful gigolos in India. Some of them have so many clients that they cannot accept any more. So what are these guys doing differently? What can you learn from these successful gigolos?

I’ll call them the 6 questions every gigolo must answer. Ask yourself if you can honestly answer Yes to each question.

Starting today I will post 1 question a day, for 6 days. Today’s question is…

 icon-quote-left The PRESENTABILITY question:
Do you have the grooming and style of an attractive man? icon-quote-right 

A woman can find a sloppy man anywhere, but it is hard to find a man who takes care of his appearance. Get a hair cut. If you have long hair, wash and shampoo it. Greasy and unwashed hair is a turn-off. If you’re balding, don’t cover bald spots with sparse hair, that makes you look insecure and turns off women, better to shave your head completely and sport a cool bald look. Remove all unwanted hair. I mean, hair coming out of your nose and ears. Shave the carpet of hair on the back of your neck. Trim your chest hair, pubic hair, armpit hair. While bathing, wash behind the ears, between toes, and all those areas that guys usually ignore. Are your teeth yellow and stained? Brush with a whitening toothpaste, or see a dentist to have the stains removed. Keep your finger nails trimmed, filed and clean. Women notice dirty, broken nails and get turned off. Make sure your palms feel smooth and soft. If you have rough hands use moisturizer. Have nice smelling breath with mouth freshener or chewing gum. Spray deodorant so you are smelling good. Wear a good pair of shoes and ensure they’re appropriate to the outfit. Wear a fashionable shirt tucked in with neatly pressed pants. Here’s the simple rule: If you both are out at a restaurant having dinner together, and she meets her friends, will she be ashamed of you or be proud to be with you? Btw, presentability matters not just outside the bedroom, but inside too. When you remove your socks, they should smell fresh, not have holes. Your underwear should be colourful, sporty and fresh, not boring white, and definitely never dirty or stained! 


Tomorrow will be question #5. A more important one.


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P.S. Even if you don’t want to be a gigolo, following these tips will make you the kind of man that every woman dreams of meeting.

There are NO genuine gigolo clubs in India. Not a single one.

हिंदी अनुवाद

Sorry to break this to you but there are no genuine clubs in India. Every gigolo club in India is a fraud.

In the US and Europe, there are genuine gigolo clubs that women can visit and easily choose a man, confident that he has been tested for skills like etiquette, style, charm, intelligence, love-making skills and for being disease-free. Those clubs are professionally managed and they pass these tests.

But in India, every single club I have come across is a fraud. Indian ‘clubs’ are usually a couple of guys operating out of a small town, who have hired a girl to talk to callers. They target sexually frustrated virgin men on whatsapp and facebook, and promise them clients in exchange for a registration fee. As soon as they get your money they ignore all your calls. They are thieves. Even their website content is stolen, copy-pasted from my website or from foreign websites.

Indians cheat a lot. This is the unfortunate truth. You must have heard the case of Indian call centers cheating US tax payers. Here is a different case of cheating. Sadly, many Indians prefer to cheat rather than do the hard work of providing a quality service. Btw, if you complain to the police, these frauds do get caught. But most victims are too embarassed to complain and the police cannot take action without a complaint. That’s why fake gigolo agencies continue to thrive. Don’t get cheated. Save your money. 


The truth about gigolo clubs in India


Remember the 2 questions I asked in a blog post recently? Here are my answers.

My answers to the 2 questions

Recently I asked 2 questions in a blog post (read them first here)

Here are my answers.

1. If she loved his skills, why did she not hire him again?

The truth is, she did NOT love his skills. But she was afraid to tell him frankly because she knows men have fragile egos and can’t take rejection easily. And when he has seen her naked and knows her address, he is even more likely to think it’s his right to get intimate with her again, and to demand it.

The risk* is even greater for women living alone.

So she sent him off with compliments. She praised his skills and performance, she told him she will hire him again, she paid his fees and said a sweet good bye.

She had given him a test and he failed. She does this all the time. Calls guys over, tests them, pays their fees and says goodbye. She will keep doing it until she finds the man who truly knows how to please her.


When a guy finally passes her tests, she won’t let him go. She will hire him every day if he is available. If he is busy, she will wait patiently for him to be available (even though there are other guys willing to come over for free). Besides his fees, she will give him extra tips and gifts. She will do whatever it takes to keep him because she knows a good gigolo is hard to find.


So what did this guy do wrong?

I cannot say for sure because I did not see him perform, and I can’t get feedback from the woman. So I can only guess.

It could be one of many reasons.

  • Maybe he was in too much awe of her. He must have looked at her like she was a memsaab and he her servant.
    Women hate that look from a man, it kills all her attraction. Women want the opposite look, she wants him to look at her like he is boss and she is servant.
  • Maybe he had poor personal hygiene. Bad breath, body odour, nose hair, dirty fingernails, yellow teeth…
  • Maybe he looked nervous because he felt overwhelmed in her luxurious home because he thought yeh meri aukaat ke bahar hai (she’s out of my league).
    Btw, if you ever feel out of place in a luxurious house or in a 5-star hotel room, you have to pretend as if you live in an even nicer house. It’s all in the body language. At first you are pretending, but after servicing a few clients THIS is the natural life for you, luxurious rooms become your workplace, THIS is where I spend most of my time and so will you.
  • Maybe he had too much of the free wine and got drunk and became sleepy and could not provide good service. This used to happen to me at the beginning, so watch out, you have to be fully focussed, this is WORK, she is paying you for a service, not for fun.
  • Maybe, after the chatting, when it was time to make the move, he was afraid and kept hesitating, waiting for her permission, and finally, she was forced to make the move herself and get physical with him just to end the awkwardness.
    Women hate it when a man won’t make the move. If she is forced to make the move and get physical with him, she almost always loses attraction for him and will not want to see him again.
  • Maybe he had weak body language which turned her off.
  • She was a couple years older than him, so maybe he treated her like he treats his elders. LOL!
    Women want their lover to behave bold and confident, even if she is older than him.
  • Maybe he was not skilled at lovemaking.


Maybe this, maybe that, maybe something else…I don’t really know. I asked him for the possible reason, but he was clueless himself.

Whatever the reason, if he had projected masculine energy and given her multiple orgasms, all his mistakes would have been forgiven. Sab kuch maaf.

Btw here are some more reasons why clients usually reject gigolos.

But the guy does deserve credit. He got invited over to the house of a wealthy client and got paid. Very few guys can do that.


My second question was….


2. Why did she call him on the phone if she had no intention to hire him?

After the meeting, he called her several times but she did not answer.

Men usually feel rejected when this happens. Cool guys take such rejections sportingly and move on, but the loser-types start planning revenge or blackmail. Scary.

Experienced women know this weakness of men. After seeing his missed calls she was concerned that he may start plotting revenge, and she feared for her safety. That’s why she called him. To check if he is ok or angry. During the conversation she found he was ok. She probably calmed him down some more by saying she liked him but cannot hire him for a while because her husband is in town. After the phone call she threw away the simcard forever, it is a small price to pay to get rid of a needy guy.


Btw, during the phone call, if she had found he was angry or threatening, she would have called the cops who would pick him up from his home, give him a warning to stay away from her. She usually has a tie-up with the cops. Depending on the level of his threat to the woman, they would either trash him, imprison him or let him off with a warning to not go anywhere close to the woman again. And he gets a permanent police record. 



* India is becoming a safer place for women, thanks to tough new laws (after the Nirbhaya incident). But still, women continue to be extra careful and don’t like to take a risk.


Can you guess what mistake this gigolo did?

This is a recent incident that happened with a young wannabe gigolo.

He was invited home by a wealthy woman who lived alone in a large bungalow with servants. She welcomed him, they had some wine, some chit-chat, then they got physically intimate. At the end of the session, she complimented him for his skills. She said she loved the way he pleasured her. She paid his professional fee and said goodbye. He did not hear from her again. He called her but she did not answer. After some time, she called him. They chatted for a few minutes. He asked if she would like him to come over. She said not right now, but she will hire him again when she next feels the desire. She hung up the phone. He never heard from her again. When he called her she did not answer. After some time he found that her number has been discontinued.

He wanted my advice on what went wrong. 

Btw, this is a common occurence, I hear about incidents like this from all over India. Can you guess what went wrong. Can you answer these questions.

  1. If she loved his skills, why did she not hire him again?
  2. Why did she call him for a phone chat if she had no intention to hire him?

Post your answers in the comment box below. Let me see how good you guys are.


(Update: Comments to this blog are now closed. I have read the comments and picked the ones that came close and the most accurate comment. Comments that came close I have highlighted in blue. The most accurate comment I have highlighted in green.)

Here are my answers to the two questions

Simple tests to detect a fake gigolo agency


Three simple tests. If an agency fails even one, they are fake.

Test 1: Do they demand money upfront? They should not.

Does the agency ask for money before they provide a client? Then they are fake. A genuine agency gets paid by the client (not by the gigolo) and the agency pays the gigolo after deducting their commission. Only when an agency provides you a client can they earn, if they get you zero clients they earn zero.

If an Indian agency asks you for money, here’s how you can have some fun. Tell them you will pay after they get you the client. When they say that’s not possible, ask why not? After hearing their lame excuse, offer them this deal. Tell them you will pay three times the commission, and they can deduct it from the money the client pays them. Now that’s an excellent offer, that only a fake agency will refuse. 😉


Test 2: Do they test drive candidates? They should.

Does the agency test your talents in bed before accepting your registration? If not, then they’re fake. Think about it. Women can get a man anytime anywhere for free. She will only pay if a man is guaranteed to be good in bed. And who provides this ‘guarantee’ ? The agency of course. And how can the agency know you are good in bed? By getting their female staff to take you for a test-drive, and approve/reject based on your performance. What happens if the agency sends un-tested or bad quality gigolos to the client? The client will not enjoy the experience and refuse to pay. Also, she will never hire the gigolo agency again and may tell all her friends that the agency is crappy, and soon the agency will be out of business. So, any agency that accepts registrations without testing candidates is fake!


Test 3: Do they accept virgin men? They should not.

Does the agency ask if you are virgin? If they don’t, they are fake. Women DO NOT want virgin men. Not even for free. 

Fake gigolo agencies will not refuse virgin men because 99% of their applicants are virgins. In fact, the reason most men want to be gigolos is just to get laid. They do not care about giving the woman a good time, and even if they care, they have no clue how to do it. Remember: women will never pay good money to clueless virgins or lousy lovers, she can find dozens of them in her own neighbourhood and she is not interested in any of them.

If you have the time for some fun, tell the agency guy “I am a virgin, I hope you will not refuse me membership because of that”. When he assures you that he won’t, ask him “Why would a woman pay money for a virgin guy like me when experienced guys are desperate to get inside her pants for free?!”

My guess is he will say, “women prefer virgins”, “girls like fresh maal” etc. etc.

Bullshit. 🙂 Only men prefer ‘fresh maal’ while seeking female partners. Women always, always, always seek experienced men.

If you have the time, continue interrogating and ask, “There are virgin men everywhere, why can’t she just pick one of those fresh maals for free? Why would she pay good money for a total stranger?”

He will hang up the phone on you. He can’t let intelligent guys waste his time, when there are idiot guys on call waiting. 😉

Can virgin men be gigolos? And other common questions…

  • Can virgin men be gigolos? 
    No. A gigolo is hired for his knowledge of how to give a woman mindblowing pleasure. Virgin men can’t do that.

  • Can turbaned Sikhs be gigolos?
    Difficult. The Sikh’s turban is a religious symbol and most religions don’t approve of casual s*x. Men wearing any kind of religious symbol (even religious threads tied around their wrist or neck, or teeka on their forehead) come across as orthodox in their thinking, which makes women uncomfortable because they feel they’re going to be judged.

  • Can an ugly guy be a gigolo?
    Depends. If you are so ugly that you have serious physical deformities that make you look like a character from a horror movie, then you have no chance. But if you look like an ordinary aam-admi, then the answer is Yes, any man can learn to be a gigolo with good fashion and body language.

  • Can a guy with a small pen*s be a gigolo?
    Yes. Even a guy with NO PEN*S can be a gigolo if he knows what to do with his hands. Any man can be trained for it.

  • Can older men be gigolos?
    Yes. I have trained men from 18 years to 62 years of age.

  • Can poor men be gigolos?
    Yes and No.
    Yes — If you are poor but love women and enjoy giving them pleasure, you can be a successful gigolo and earn good money.
    No — If you are poor and want to be a gigolo only to make money but don’t enjoy pleasuring* women, then you will fail as a gigolo.

    *Btw pleasuring does not mean whipping out your di*k and putting it inside her. Any idiot can do that. That’s just 0.1% of the process. The remaining 99.9% is an art, and like all art, it is hard work.


  • Can unemployed men be gigolos?
    No. Women like confident men and the man who does not have the ability to find a job and be good at it, cannot be confident. His body language, speech and facial expressions is usually that of a loser. Even a hard-working sabzi-wala wearing a modest lungi has a better chance to be invited by a woman into her house than a jobless guy wearing fashionable clothes. All my students who have succeeded as gigolos were already well employed. Note: If you are unemployed, please don’t take my training, it will be a waste of your time and money.


The penis is the enemy of the gigolo

Almost every guy who writes to me tells me about the size of his penis.

He begins by pointing out how big his penis is, how long his erection lasts, blah blah. He is convinced that being a gigolo is only about the penis.

Understand this. A woman does not hire a gigolo for his penis.

Sure, she would love a penis, but that’s easy to find. Hundreds of men are waiting to get inside her pants. Her building watchman, the lift man, the courier boy, the sabzi wala, her boss, her neighbour, her male colleagues, her cousin brothers…finding a pen*s is easy.

But what she cannot easily find is a man who projects masculine energy in the way he talks, walks, responds, holds her, leads her, caresses her, kisses her and makes love to her.

And masculine energy has nothing to do with the penis. 

A man with a small penis may project greater masculine energy than a man with a big penis if he does the right things.

True story. One of my students, a 55 year old man with mild erectile dysfunction was hired by a 22 year old girl. He did all things right and she loved the experience. But when he was ready for intercourse, it just would not get up. The fact that she was much younger than him put extra pressure on him and made his problem worse. He apologized to her. He felt like a failure and was sure she would never call him again.

But the girl loved the whole experience, including the multiple orgasms he provided using his fingers. 

She hired him again. And this time she brought some viagra with her.

Do you know why she got the viagra?

Not because intercourse was important for her but because she could sense that an erection was important for him.

She did not want him to get upset again and ruin a great evening. She loved the experience he gave her the first time. She hired him again even though he could not get it up. Think about that.

There are times when a gigolo has more than 3 appointments in a day. I once had 5 clients at one hotel, an American professor and her 4 colleagues were visiting for a conference. How could I service them all with just one penis? Impossible. 🙂

Some clients request multiple orgasms but what if your penis dies after the first orgasm? It is humanly impossible to cater to all your client’s needs with only your penis. Even a porn star cannot handle the workload of a busy gigolo.

So stop obsessing about your penis. And stop emailing me your penis sizes. LOL! It does not matter.


Keep this in mind while transitioning to seduction

If a first-time client hires you for your indirect service, keep this important point in mind :  while transitioning to seduction, always involve the client.

Example : While massaging her breasts, I will say “You have beautiful breasts” while continuing to massage her. After a minute I will say again “your breasts…are awesome”. Then I will take deep loud breaths as if I am getting aroused and cannot control myself, and then I will say “Can I kiss your breasts just for a minute?” while continuing to massage them.

She will usually say Yes, and now we are in seduction mode*.

But, but, but….if she says NO, that’s fine too, I will continue the massage without showing any disappointment. And I will NOT ask her again, I will NOT compliment her breasts again, I will NOT breathe heavy again to show I am aroused. No means no. You have to respect her wishes (or you could go to jail!). I will now forget seduction and focus only on giving her a great massage. If she changes her mind later, and signals me to seduce her, I will. But if she does not, no problem, I give her a great massage, collect my fee for the massage and leave.

If I am shaving her pussy, I will say “Your pussy is just so beautiful” I will repeat it after a few minutes and then say, “After the shaving, can I kiss your pussy for a bit?” And if she says No, that’s ok. I will focus on the shaving without showing any disappointment.

If I am giving her a pedicure, I will say “Your feet are so beautiful” and after some time, I will say “Can I suck your toes for a bit?”. If she says No, that’s ok, I will focus on the pedicure.

Why is it important to get the client’s permission for seduction? 3 reasons.

  1. Even though you have shown your masculine energy by initiating seduction, yet by asking her permission, you have put her in charge, you have put her in control.
  2. When a woman is in control of whether or not she wants to turn the interaction physical, that is more arousing for a woman.
  3. It avoids awkward moments. For instance, if she never had an intention of getting physical, at least now you know. Or if she is not attracted to you and does not want to get physical with you, this is a convenient way for her to decline.

* Btw, even if she lets you kiss her in the middle of your indirect service, do not stop your service to get full-on sexual with her. That could turn her off. She may think that you’re desperate and sexually frustrated, which is not attractive to a woman. Kiss her breasts (or suck her toes) only for about 30 seconds and then GET BACK to the massage or the pedicure. This shows that you have self-control which is very attractive to women, it heightens her arousal, it makes her desire you even more, and by the time your service is done, she can’t wait for you to get intimate. I have made this mistake in the past, when a client gave me permission to kiss her breasts, I got carried away and kissed her breasts, neck, face, mouth…and finally had s*x with her. She did not like it. At the end of the session when I asked for feedback, she said “You said you’ll kiss my breasts for just a bit, but you got carried away.” She felt cheated, she felt that she did not get her money’s worth of massage. She did not hire me again. 🙁 But sometimes a client will want to be seduced so bad that she absolutely insists that you stop the service and get physically intimate immediately. In that case, sure, go ahead, after all a client’s wish is your command. 🙂 

What to do when the client is not pretty

It will happen to you sooner or later. You arrive at the hotel room and find she is not the perfect beauty. She’s too fat, too old, too ugly or just someone you are not attracted to.

Sure, you can say “No thank you” and walk away (don’t worry, women can handle rejections better than men) but that can be awkward for both of you.

That’s why offering an indirect service makes it easy to decline her. After you have done massaging her, or shaving her pussy or showing her around the tourist spot, if you do NOT want to get intimate with her, simply accept payment for the indirect service, say “Thank you” and leave. If she asks you to stay back for a drink, or invites you to her room, politely say “I wish I could, but I have another appointment in 15 minutes”, and leave. No hard feelings. At least you got some practice with the indirect service and got paid for it. 😉

P.S. Btw, don’t be in a hurry to reject clients who look ordinary. Some of them have amazing figures, which you can’t see unless you both get nak*d. Also, in my experience, women who look ordinary tend to be more exciting in bed (they know they are not great in the looks department, and try to compensate by being more passionate in bed).


The many stages at which a client can reject you

Even if a client contacts you for your gigolo service, she will not immediately get intimate with you. At first, she will keep her distance and check you out.

She will check out the way you communicate through email and text messages. She will check out the sound of your voice, the way you dress and smell, your physical appearance, your body language, your confidence, the sound of your voice, your sense of humor…right up to the way you touch, hold, hug and caress her.

Only when she has checked you out and feels aroused by you, will she go all the way. Otherwise she will say, “Nice meeting you, goodbye”.

Below are some of the many stages at which a client can reject you…

  1. She makes eye contact with you at a restaurant but you are afraid to hold eye contact, you look away…REJECTED!
  2. She visits your website/FB / Instagram page and gets turned off by the way you have presented your info…REJECTED!
  3. You respond to her email or text messages, she gets turned off by the tone of your messages…REJECTED!
  4. You talk to her on the phone, you sound too eager and desperate to meet her…REJECTED!
    (a gigolo always comes from a place of abundance)
  5. When you meet her, she may get turned off by your fashion, your grooming,  perfume, bad breath, body odour, yellow teeth or your dirty fingernails… REJECTED!
    (a gigolo always has excellent presentability)
  6. Even if you pass through all the above filters, and she invites you to her room or home, she may get turned off by your personality, your body language may not be confident and masculine enough……. REJECTED!
    (a gigolo always exudes masculine energy)
  7. You go out with her for dinner and you speak rudely to the waiter…..REJECTED!
  8. Your finger nail scratches her skin while caressing her…she is turned off….REJECTED!
  9. You are in too much of a hurry to transition from indirect service to seduction, which makes you appear to be sexually frustrated…REJECTED!
  10. Even if you both get physical, she could be turned off by the way you make love to her, the way you touch her, hold her, kiss her…..REJECTED!

She may pay you for your time because she does not want to offend you, but she won’t hire you again, which is the same as…REJECTED!

Remember: a woman can find a man anytime, anywhere. Even rich, good-looking men are desperate to be with a woman, and will happily pay for dinner, drinks, food, gifts, hotel room, they will even pay for a chauffeur-driven car to pick her up and drop her back at home.

Men will pay for everything to give a woman a great evening, even if she is ugly. So why would a woman pay a man? Think about that. 😉



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