The penis is the enemy of the gigolo

Almost every guy who writes to me tells me about the size of his penis.

He begins by pointing out how big his penis is, how long his erection lasts, blah blah. He is convinced that being a gigolo is only about the penis.

Understand this. A woman does not hire a gigolo for his penis.

Sure, she would love a penis, but that’s easy to find. Hundreds of men are waiting to get inside her pants. Her building watchman, the lift man, the courier boy, the sabzi wala, her boss, her neighbour, her male colleagues, her cousin brothers…finding a pen*s is easy.

But what she cannot easily find is a man who projects masculine energy in the way he talks, walks, responds, holds her, leads her, caresses her, kisses her and makes love to her.

And masculine energy has nothing to do with the penis. 

A man with a small penis may project greater masculine energy than a man with a big penis if he does the right things.

True story. One of my students, a 55 year old man with mild erectile dysfunction was hired by a 22 year old girl. He did all things right and she loved the experience. But when he was ready for intercourse, it just would not get up. The fact that she was much younger than him put extra pressure on him and made his problem worse. He apologized to her. He felt like a failure and was sure she would never call him again.

But the girl loved the whole experience, including the multiple orgasms he provided using his fingers. 

She hired him again. And this time she brought some viagra with her.

Do you know why she got the viagra?

Not because intercourse was important for her but because she could sense that an erection was important for him.

She did not want him to get upset again and ruin a great evening. She loved the experience he gave her the first time. She hired him again even though he could not get it up. Think about that.

There are times when a gigolo has more than 3 appointments in a day. I once had 5 clients at one hotel, an American professor and her 4 colleagues were visiting for a conference. How could I service them all with just one penis? Impossible. 🙂

Some clients request multiple orgasms but what if your penis dies after the first orgasm? It is humanly impossible to cater to all your client’s needs with only your penis. Even a porn star cannot handle the workload of a busy gigolo.

So stop obsessing about your penis. And stop emailing me your penis sizes. LOL! It does not matter.


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