I got more clients in the pandemic than I expected

Gigolos cannot work with social distancing 🙂

When Corona happened I cancelled and refunded all client appointments.

But I had no complaints, health was the #1 priority.

I forgot all about business and decided to enjoy the break. I binge-watched Netflix. I tried experimental cooking. I zoom-chatted with family, friends, and students. For fresh air, I went cycling.

Then I noticed something strange.

Before the pandemic, when I entered stores to buy groceries, I got looks of attraction from women (it’s because of a body language trick that anyone can learn). I talked to some of them, got their numbers, and proceeded to turn them into lovers and clients over the next few weeks.

This was before the virus turned the world upside down. There’s no way things would be the same now, I thought. Would she risk talking to strangers during a pandemic? No way, I thought. With my face hidden in a mask, how would she know if I was good-looking or ugly? No way, I thought. And how could we have a conversation with all the social distancing? No way.

I was sure women would be in no mood to connect during the pandemic.

I was wrong.

Now more women were looking at me, with more eagerness than before. And when I talked to them they share their phone numbers faster than before.

What was going on?? Why was it easier to connect with women during a pandemic?!

Gradually I realized what was going on. I understood why women are more eager for casual sex now than before. I shared this with my students a year back and helped them build their female contacts during the pandemic. I will now share this with the rest of my blog readers.

Watch out for my newsletter on Saturday (21 August, 2021) where I explain this in detail.

For now, I will only give you a hint, and let me see if you figure it out. See the pic below? That’s your hint.

Does that pic give you an idea about why it is easier to connect with women during a pandemic? Post your comment below and I will select the best answer.

Don’t miss my newsletter on Saturday. It will provide important tips to re-build your gigolo business as the world begins to open up again. In the post-pandemic world, women are more eager for casual sex than before. The gigolo business is going to take off.

He gets 8 clients a month…but there’s a problem

A guy contacted me recently, asking for help to improve his “gigolo business”.

He advertises in newspaper classifieds, offering service to women at their home or hotel room.

I asked him a few details. How many clients does he have currently, how much does he earn, how much more does he wish to earn, etc.

He gets about 8 clients a month but earns nothing because his service is free.

Free?! I know classified ads cost quite a bit, so how he could afford the ads?

He said he spends his own money. About INR 50,000 a month (approximately 700 USD) on the ads alone. In addition, if her house is not available for the meeting, he pays for the hotel room, and since women refuse go to cheap hotels, he spends a sizeable amount of money on fancy hotel rooms.

Suddenly I began to understand.

He calls himself gigolo but he is actually no different from men who pay sex workers, or the men who pay for dates.

He was spending money just to get intimate with women.

So how can I help you? I asked him, knowing well that I could not. What he needed to do was learn to be such a mindblowing lover that the women would be addicted to him, and pay for repeat experiences. Unfortunately there was a different kind of addiction at play here. The man was addicted to the false sense of validation of women desiring him.

“I can’t afford the cost of the ads and hotel rooms. I want to start getting paid for my service.”

Have you tried charging your clients? I asked, knowing what his answer was going to be.

“I have tried, but when I tell them on the phone that it will cost money, they don’t want to meet me.”

Can’t blame the women. When she can get men for free, why will they pay?

Men are waiting in queue to offer it for free. Her neighbour, his son, his son’s friends, her co-workers, her boss, her relatives, the courier boys, the Amazon guys, the Dominos guys, the UberEats guys, the guys on Tinder, shaadi.com, Facebook, AshleyMadison, match.com, plentyoffish, trulymadly….all these guys will happily do whatever she wants in bed, for free.

When she can pick from hundreds of men, for free, why would she ever pay?

But women do pay. They pay the man who is a specialist. The man who gives her such a stunning experience that she wants it again and again and again.

But merely calling yourself a specialist does not make you a specialist. Calling yourself a gigolo on the internet does not make you a gigolo.

You have to become an expert at the job.

If the guy in the above story was good at the job, the women would do whatever necessary to keep coming back to him. They would pay for his service and for the hotel room and give him gifts and wait for him to be available if he was busy.

I get lots of mails from guys who call themselves gigolos and they ask for help getting clients.

They say they have 10, 15, 20 clients but want more. When I question them in detail, their lies are exposed, they turn out to be just horny guys wanting to get laid. None of them have clients. Most of them are virgins, some of them just got lucky, some have a girlfriend (whose expenses they pay for), and the others have had no sexual experience except with sex workers. These guys have lost money to fake gigolo clubs, they have registered on free internet classified ads with fake gigolo profiles, and now they contact me with their fake stories. 🙂

It is liars like these that have given the word gigolo a bad name in India.

That’s why I will avoid mentioning the word gigolo in my training. If you want to get the only authentic gigolo training in the world, go to www.khiladitraining.com and subscribe for training announcements by adding your email address there.

Gigolo Training will be conducted here

Gigolo Training will be conducted here.


Why a new site?

Because Gigolo has become a bad word in India.

In the West, a gigolo is an expert, and gigolo clubs are trustworthy agencies that test candidates before accepting them. Not so in India. Here any inexperienced guy calls himself a ‘gigolo’. And Indian ‘Gigolo clubs’ are just a bunch of criminals who take your money and run.

The word Gigolo is fast getting associated with scams in India

Henceforth I will use the word Khiladi. It’s a word from India, the country that taught KamaSutra to the world. Sex as an art was first practiced in India.

Get trained as a professional Khiladi.


If you are serious about getting the most authentic gigolo training in the world, go to www.khiladitraining.com and subscribe for alerts. Training begins soon.

The son who hired me for his mother

I am often hired by men for their female partners.

He pays my fee, books a hotel room, sits on the couch and watches me make love to his wife or girlfriend.

What he’s really paying for is his pleasure, not her’s.

Then there is the other man. He hires a gigolo solely for the woman’s pleasure. This special kind of man knows that a woman truly enjoys sex only when she is relaxed, and he knows the sure way to relax her is privacy. So he goes away and allows the woman to have total privacy so she can have maximum pleasure. He’ll wait downstairs in the reception area while I make love to his wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother…

Last month such a man hired me for his 45-year-old divorced mom.

Mother and Son came from a small town in Gujarat. She had a psychiatric condition, which caused her to have an intense craving for sex. The craving was causing her mental distress. They had already sought medical help. A psychiatrist told the son “Inki shaadi kara do” (translation: “Get her married”) and wrote out a prescription of sedative pills for her.

But she did not want to get married again.

They finally decided to hire a gigolo.

The son told me that she wanted to first talk to the gigolo on the phone, then meet him at a coffee shop, before deciding if she would want to go with him into the hotel room.

They had already rejected many gigolos, most of whom offered their services for free on the internet. Most of them she declined after talking to them on the phone. Many she rejected after meeting them personally at the coffee shop. She hired 2 gigolos, but she did not enjoy the experience.

The son told me that some of her male relatives and neighbours try to have an affair with her ever since she got divorced, but she had rejected them all.

He assured me that if his mom was satisfied, he would hire me regularly. He sounded desperate.

After a few phone conversations with her, mother and son travelled to Mumbai and checked into a hotel on the Ghodbunder road. We met at the hotel cafe and chatted over coffee. She asked me questions. I asked her questions. Then I left mom and son alone, and waited outside for their decision. In a few minutes the son came out and said she wants to go ahead. He gave me the key to the hotel room. The lady and I went up to the room while the son waited in the restaurant.

She loved the experience.

After the session, I taught her to masturbate and to use the vibrator which I had brought along as a gift.

They hired me twice the next week, travelling all the way to Mumbai from Gujarat.

Eventually I trained a student in Dahanu to service her. He travelled to her town four times a week to provide home-service.


  • My efforts were to help, not to exploit her for money or for my sexual pleasure. She could sense my attitude of giving rather than taking. That is what made her hire me.
  • The masturbation techniques I taught her, and the vibrator I gifted her, made her less dependent on me, and made her less likely to hire me.
  • When I trained a student to provide her home service, I eliminated any chance of her hiring me personally again, and I was ok with that.
  • Even though there were many men waiting to get intimate with her (for free!) she had rejected them all. That shows a woman is looking for something much more than a ‘cock’ in a gigolo.

Today she continues to use my student’s services. As she gets used to masturbating and gets more comfortable using the vibrator, she hires him less and less. And that’s ok.

Most of the men writing to me have only one question: How do I get clients? They don’t want to know what a woman is looking for in a gigolo, they don’t want to know how to please a woman in bed, how to make her crave for their company, how to make her miss him when he’s gone, they just want ‘clients’.

Frankly, these are just sexually frustrated guys looking to get laid. But a woman can get such frustrated men anywhere, for free. Heck, she could even get guys to pay her for it. So why would she pay you? Why would she be with you even for free?

Why do woman pay when they get men for free? (answers to previous question)

Some time back I asked a question on this blog.

Why would women pay a man when there are so many desperate men available for free?

Here’s that blog post. I received many answers, some right, some wrong, some foolish. I have published a few on that page. I have responded to some of them, see my responses on that page, marked in turquoise.

The comment that came closest to being perfect is by Mitesh, his comment on that page is highlighted in yellow color



कुछ समय पहले मैंने एक सवाल किया था :

जब लाखों पुरुष सेक्स केलिए बेताब है और मुफ्त में सर्विस देने केलिए तैयार हैं, तो महिला पुरुष केलिए पैसे क्यों दे ?

कई बन्दों ने जवाब दिए, कुछ सही, कुछ गलत, कुछ बेवक़ूफ़. मैंने कुछ जवाब उस पेज पर प्रदर्शित किए हैं। कुछ पर मैंने टिपण्णी की, मेरी टिप्पणिया हरे रंग में हाईलाइट किये गए हैं.

सबसे सही जवाब है श्री मितेश का, उनके जवाब पीले रंग में हाइलाइट की गई है  



The boy who was seduced by his mother’s friend

हिंदी अनुवाद

Sometimes when I am online, I chat with guys. They share their stories, ask me for help with their gigolo journeys.

Here is one such guy. You can learn from his story.

The boy who was seduced by his mother’s friend

He was 16 years old, lived in a small North-Indian city. His mom’s female friends would often come over for tea. He called them aunty.

One of the aunties would always stare at him. This made him uncomfortable, which made her stare even more, because she enjoyed making him feel uncomfortable icon-smile-o

When she got the chance she would sit next to him, and when his mother was not looking, she would keep her hand on his thighs.

One day his mother gave him a parcel to deliver to this Aunty’s house.

He rang her door bell. Aunty opened the door. She was wearing only a towel.
“I was having my bath” she said, “but come in and sit down”.

He entered the house and sat on a chair. She adjusted her towel and showed him a bit of her breasts accidentally, and then went into the bathroom to finish her bath.

After her bath, she sat down next to him. She asked him if he had a girlfriend. He said No.

She talked for some time. Then she started caressing his thighs. When he did not object, she kissed his cheeks, then his lips, then she gave him a blowjob, then they had sex.

After the session, she told him to come over to her house whenever he wanted.

He visited her often.

She was his first lover. Before meeting her he was a virgin, clueless about sex. She taught him techniques about how to please a woman sexually.

After many sessions, she introduced him to her friend, another aunty.

The boy then started visiting the second aunty, and had sex with her a few times.

Today he is older, has moved out of his small town and attends college in a large city. He requested me to send him client contacts. He is confident of being a successful gigolo because of his experience and training.

Do you think he would make a good gigolo?

Most of the people reading this would be sure he’ll make a successful gigolo. After all, he was taught sex techniques by a woman. What else does a man need, right?

But I was not so sure. Being a gigolo myself, I know this is no easy job. If a woman is going to pay, she requires a man with extraordinary skills. She can get an ordinary man any time, anywhere, for free.

I needed more information. I asked him questions.

Me: “Did the aunty enjoy what you did for her in bed?”

He: “I asked her, she said, You are not bad, but you have a long way to go, you need more practice”.

Me: “After you got introduced to aunty # 2, did you see the aunty # 1 again?”

He: “No. Whenever I wanted to meet her, she asked me to go to aunty # 2.”


My doubts were confirmed. Aunty # 1 had dumped him. She introduced him to aunty # 2 because she wanted to get rid of him. Why was aunty # 1 not interested in him any more? Because he was a lousy lover. Like most guys he focussed on his own pleasure, instead of focussing on what pleased her. A satisfied female will never share her man with another woman unless she was no longer interested in him.

After some more questioning I found that aunty # 2 dumped him too.

Here are some lessons from this story that every student of the gigolo arts can learn from:

  1. What is special about this story is not the boy, but the woman. She was a sexually liberated woman who is not shy to make new lovers. Women like her are a gift to the world, they are rare gems, rarely to be found. They love sex and want men to become better lovers. They will spend their time and energy to help young men become skilled lovers. Most women wish they could be bold like her, but few have the courage.
  2. The boy did NOTHING, he just got lucky. He was lucky this woman was his mother’s friend. He was lucky she seduced him. He was lucky she taught him sexual techniques. He was lucky she did everything…from touching him, kissing him, seducing him, teaching him about sex. He was lucky she came into his life. If not for luck, his life would have been the same as any other boy’s.
  3. Have you seen people take beggar kids into a McDonald’s and buy them burgers and coke?  Why do they do it? Not because they enjoy dining with beggar kids.  icon-smile-o They do it because…
    a) They feel sorry for the poor kids.
    b) They like seeing the expression of thrill on the poor kids’ faces as they enjoy great food for the first time in their lives.
    The aunty felt sorry for the boy. She wanted to see the expression of thrill on his face. It’s called pity sex.
  4. When a woman wants a man for her own pleasure, she wants an expert, not a man who she has to teach.
  5. This is not the first boy these aunties have slept with. There were other boys before him, there will be other boys after him. The aunties don’t get enjoyment from these boys. Do you know what the aunties do for real enjoyment? They get adult men. Yes, these women also have many adult men that they regularly have sex with. And these men are not gigolos, they are neighbours, relatives, family friends and they do it for free. There are desperate men everywhere, available for free.
  6. Aunties who can choose boys and men for FREE, if they have to pay a man for his service, can you imagine how good that man must be. That’s why not every man can be a gigolo.

Several times during our conversation he said “I enjoyed with the aunties”. 

I had to finally stop him and say, I don’t want to know if you enjoyed with the aunties, tell me if the aunties enjoyed with you? And I know the answer: they did not.

Gigolo is a profession, not a pastime. For a gigolo, the objective is not to enjoy, but to make the client enjoy. If the client is not satisfied, you did not do a good job.

“Enjoyed with the aunties” That’s typical male thinking. Using this sentence has made him a hero among his friends. It’s a common male behaviour to brag about their exploits with women. But common males don’t make successful gigolos. This profession needs “uncommon” males, extraordinary males.

Unfortunately this young man is not ready to be a gigolo. Not yet. Like the aunty said, he has a long way to go.


Desperate men are everywhere. So why would a woman pay for a man?

There are sexually frustrated Indian men in every city, town and village.

This food delivery boy in Bangalore called his lady customer continuously, asking to be her friend. Finally she filed a police complaint.

This massage therapist in Delhi molested his client while giving her a head massage. She got him arrested.

This man in Pune took secret videos of his neighbour couple and asked the woman for sex, threatening to upload the videos on youtube. She filed a police complaint.

This security guard in Hyderabad raped a dog. Arrested.

The guy below in sunglasses was a security guard in Goa. He broke into a resident’s home, threatened her with a knife, tied her up, raped her and then killed her. Arrested.

India has one of the highest incidents of rape violence against women. There are lakhs of cases of stalking, harassment, eve-teasing, molestation, rape all over India.

My question for you:
When there are so many men in India desperate to have sex, women can easily find a man for free, so why would she pay for a man?
(see answers below)

आप केलिए सवाल:
भारत में जब इतने सारे पुरुष सेक्स के लिए बेताब हैं, तो महिलाये आसानी से सैकड़ों पुरुषों को मुफ्त में पा सकती हैं. ऐसी अवस्था में महिलाएं एक पुरुष के लिए पैसे क्यों दे?
(नीचे उत्तर देखें)

Best answer by Mitesh. His answer is highlighted in yellow below.

The dark secret of men that makes women afraid to hire gigolos

Do you know the dark secret that all men hide? Here are 2 news stories that reveal this secret.


1. Bangalore
Sukhbir Singh a jobless software engineer from Haryana flies to Bangalore to meet a girl he met on Facebook. She was a senior software engineer with IBM living in a posh residential complex. After he has s*x, he asks for money for his return ticket. When she refuses, he kills her in anger.
Note: He spent his own money (despite being jobless) to buy a ticket from Delhi to Bangalore. But after s*x, he wanted her to pay for his ticket back.
News story here

2. Kolkata

Software engineer in Kolkata befriends his female colleague, an American woman working in Kolkata. He spends money on her, buying her gifts, dinner, movies and hotel rooms. After having s*x, he asks her for money. She refuses. He begins to blackmail her, threatening to send their intimate pics to her husband in the US. She files police complaint for extortion, he is arrested.
News story here


Here’s the dark secret: all men lose interest in the woman immediately after s*x.

Before sex, men are filled with lust and attraction. He is generous with affection and compliments, will spend money on gifts. But the moment he ejaculates, his lust disappears and he loses interest in the woman.

This is normal. No matter how deeply you love your girlfriend or wife, it is normal to lose interest after ejaculation. But how a man handles this, tells you whether he is a sensitive high-quality man or an insensitive low-quality male.

  • High-quality male
    When a high quality man loses interest after ejaculation, he will NOT show it. He knows that a woman feels vulnerable immediately after sex. He cares for her feelings, so he continues to engage with her to make her feel special even after his ejaculation, despite losing interest in sex. Only after some time will he disengage (and go to sleep or do some other activity like watching TV or check his mail etc).
  • Low-quality male
    A low quality man is like an animal. He does not care for people’s feelings, he follows his base instincts. As soon as he ejaculates, he loses interest in her, turns over and goes to sleep or puts on his pants and leaves (if it’s not his house) or gets busy with some other activity like watching TV or checking his mail. Or in worst case scenarios, like in the news stories above, he develops a hatred for the woman because he has spent money on her.


All women know this dark secret 

Women know this about men, from direct experience they had or through stories they hear from friends.

That’s why women engaged to get married are advised by her friends to never sleep with her fiance before marriage, as there is a good chance he may lose interest after s*x and cancel marriage plans. That’s also why prostitutes insist on being paid before sex because the man may not pay afterwards.


That’s why women fear hiring gigolos

Clients worry that if the gigolo happens to be a low-quality male, he could turn into a monster after ejaculation and hurt her physically or mentally. He could even resort to blackmail, to destroy her family relationships and her reputation in society. This is even more of a possibility in a country like India, where the Police hesitate to sympathize with a woman who voluntarily invited a man into her hotel room or house.

That’s why the few women who do hire gigolos in India will test, test, test until they are convinced. She will test you over whatsapp, test you over emails, test you over phone conversations.

Even when you meet in person she tests you in the hotel lobby before inviting you into her room. Even after you are inside her hotel room (or house), she continues to test you while you provide the indirect service.

What she is really testing is to see whether you’re high-quality or low-quality. If you fail her test at any stage, she won’t tell you but will politely say she is not interested and say good bye. If you were hired for indirect service, she will pay you for it and say goodbye and not hire you ever again.

You can’t fake this. If you are a low-quality male, don’t even bother getting into this profession. Only high-quality males succeed as gigolos.


How to show that you are ‘high quality’
I regret I cannot help you here. If you respect women, if you care for her feelings, if you love feminine energy, you’ll automatically pass her tests.

But, if you resent women and think they are second-class citizens who should be staying at home, you will fail all her tests, no matter how good-looking you, or how big your biceps or how big a pe*is you have.icon-thumbs-down

6 questions every gigolo must answer (# 1. The SEDUCTION question)

 icon-quote-left The SEDUCTION question:
Can you help a woman experience multiple orgasms ?  icon-quote-right 

There is a misconception among guys. They think being a gigolo is about talking to lonely women, hugging and cuddling them, and making them feel loved while their husbands are away on business tours. Wrong.

Women who hire gigolos are very clearThey want passionate action, not just talking/cuddling/hugging.

Can you provide passionate action?

Now please don’t send me mails about how big your pen*s is and how long it stays hard. This is not just about intercourse. This is about the whole experience from start to finish.

Can you transition smoothly from indirect service to seduction or will you do it in a rush because you’re in a hurry to get laid? Or will it be the opposite, will you be so scared to transition that you never get to seduction at all !

Can you touch her in a way that does not make her uncomfortable, but instead makes her crave for more touch? (Tip: Don’t directly touch her private parts, do it with some delay. Example: While fondling breasts, don’t directly grab her breasts. First stay away from her breast, fondle ‘around’ breasts, take your time, don’t be in hurry to touch her breasts. More you delay getting to the breasts, more she’ll crave for you to go there).

Can you make her whole body tingle with deep pleasure and not just her erogenous zones?

Are you a good kisser?

Do you know how to use fingers to reach spots that a pen*s can never reach? Do you know the different ways to move your fingers to caress spots inside her that she did not even know existed?

Do you know how to use a combination of fingers and palm to give her the deepest orgasms she would have ever experienced.

Do you know how to use your tongue?

Do you know the exact steps to help her experience multiple orgasms whenever she desires?

Do you know the psychological blocks that make it difficult for a woman to experience orgasm? Do you know what to say and do, to help her get around those blocks and experience full-blown orgasms?

Just nodding Yes as you read this, will not do. Telling me you’ve had 8 girlfriends will not do. Saying that you have been married for 10 years will not do. Question is: do you know how to do it? Have you done it for women? Did they love it? Did they love it so much that they are calling you for more, and you don’t have the time to see them all? And if they are not calling you, why not?

If you know the art of seducing a woman and giving her multiple orgasms she will be addicted to you. If you are too busy to see her, she will wait for you to get free, even though there are hundreds of gigolos offering their services for free on the net and are available immediately. 😉


Here’s Question # 6 , Question # 5 , Question # 4 , Question # 3 and Question # 2 from earlier posts.

Click here to download the free book 6 questions every gigolo must answer.

P.S. Even if you don’t want to be a gigolo, following these tips will make you the kind of man that every woman dreams of meeting.

6 questions every gigolo must answer (here’s # 2. The MASCULINE ENERGY question)

 icon-quote-left The MASCULINE ENERGY question:
Can you make a 60 year old woman blush like a shy teenager ?  icon-quote-right 


Women hiring gigolos don’t want boys, they want a man who displays masculine energy.

Masculine energy is a boldness and confidence that makes a woman feel feminine and fills her with the desire to surrender to your masculine.

Masculine energy has nothing to do with how old you are, or how strong and tall you are, or what big biceps you have. You could be a short 20 year old college student and she could be a tall 40 year old corporate executive. But if you give out masculine energy, you can make her blush like a teenager and she will want to get intimate with you.

When you meet a client for the first time, do you stand at a respectful distance because you don’t have permission to get close? Then you don’t have masculine energy. But if you go right up to her, take her hand and kiss it, and give her a hug, without asking for her permission, then you have masculine energy.

When you enter her luxurious 5-star hotel suite, if you look nervously around the room and feel like you don’t belong there, then you are not displaying masculine energy. But if you ignore the fancy room and maintain eye contact with her (and only her) while giving her a warm hug, then you are displaying masculine energy.

She wants to go to a restaurant for dinner. If you enter the restaurant walking behind her and wait for her to choose a table and sit where she sits, then you don’t have masculine energy. But if you walk in first, choose the table yourself, hold her hand and lead her to that table, then you have masculine energy.

A wealthy, powerful woman has a lot of men serving her like servants. Her manager, her driver, watchman, secretary and other employees are mostly males who are always doing “Yes madam” to her. She is tired of weak men like these. She can get any of those men any time she wants, for free. If she is going to pay money, she wants a special man. A man who displays masculine energy.

In fact, powerful women love it when you dominate them, and tell them what to do. They are so used to giving orders to men, that they love taking orders from a man for a change.

Some of my regular clients are powerful women heading/owning companies where she is boss to hundreds of men. But when she and I are together, I am the boss, and she loves it that way.

Before I arrive at her house or hotel room, I usually tell her what she should wear. Sometimes I tell her to wear only a shirt with nothing underneath (no bra or panties) or I tell her to wear just a skirt with nothing on top, or I say wear only underwear and nothing else, or I say keep the lights off and be naked. I say whatever I feel like. It depends on my mood. And they follow my orders. They love to. In fact, they look forward to my orders.

It does not matter if she is a 30 year old gharelu housewife or a 55 year old corporate executive. When you give out masculine energy, women naturally see you as the dominant male and take on the role of the submissive female.

Masculine energy comes naturally when you have been with a lot of women. But even if you are new, you can generate this energy if you believe that you have lots of women in your life and that you don’t lack anything by adopting the attitude of abundance.



Tomorrow will be the last and most important question # 1

Here is Question # 6 , Question # 5 , Question # 4 and Question # 3 from earlier posts.

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P.S. Even if you don’t want to be a gigolo, following these tips will make you the kind of man that every woman dreams of meeting.

6 questions every gigolo must answer (here’s # 3. The TRUST question)

I once got a strange request from a client. She would hire me if I agreed to her condition of keeping the lights in the hotel room OFF. I would not get to see her face, and we would have to do everything in complete darkness. I agreed. We met like that twice. She then trusted me enough to have the lights on. She turned out to be a TV anchor of yesteryears.

Another client. I entered the hotel room and was surprised to find a young lady with an eye mask. She said she wanted to keep her identity a secret until she could trust me. Next meeting, her mask was off. It turned out, she was from a well-known business family of a south-Indian state.

Another client asked me to come to a busy coffee shop at Bandra, sit a table for 15 mins, have a coffee and leave. She would be in the coffee shop but I would not know her. She would check me out anonymously and then let me know later if she wanted to hire me or not.

I have got so many strange requests like these, that I am not surprised any more.

The no.1 fear women have about hiring a gigolo is that if her secret leaks out into the public, society would shame her forever. The fear is greater if she is a celebrity or a powerful woman, because then even the media will talk about it.

Which is today’s question # 3

 icon-quote-left The TRUST question:
Can you keep her deepest secrets, even when she stops hiring you? icon-quote-right 

After a woman hires the same gigolo a few times, she gets comfortable enough to share her most intimate secrets. When clothes come off, so do the masks.

You’ll learn secrets about her family, her friends, her job, her relatives, her company, her boss, her products, her fears and more.

Can you keep her secrets?

Some of those secrets can be quite sensational, especially if she is a celebrity or a powerful corporate executive or the head of a well known business family. You see her photograph in a prominent newspaper, she and her handsome husband attending a social event, and your friend remarks, “Wow, only such a handsome man could get such a beautiful wife” and you feel the urge to tell him, “The husband is gay. She told me last week.” But you don’t say it. Because you are a professional. You smile and change the topic. You will never share your client’s secrets.

But what if she stops hiring you. Can you still keep those secrets?

What if you have a fight and you are no longer on talking terms?

Or imagine a worst case scenario: what if, in a fit of rage, she asks you to fuck off ? Would you now be so angry that you’d want to teach her a lesson and use her secrets against her? Or would you still keep her secrets?

Just nodding Yes, will not do. You could be lying. 😉 She won’t believe just your words. Women are sharp. She will know if you’re trustworthy even before she meets you, by observing the smallest details. From the way you reply to her whatsapp message, from the way you speak to her on the phone, from your sense of humor, from your body language, your eye contact, the confidence with which you respond to questions…and from the many microexpressions that your body reveals.

And if she feels the slightest doubt that she cannot trust you 100%, she won’t tell you that directly. She’ll just decline you politely.



Tomorrow & the day after will be questions # 2 & # 1. The toughest 2 questions.

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P.S. Even if you don’t want to be a gigolo, following these tips will make you the kind of man that every woman dreams of meeting.

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