The dark secret of men that makes women afraid to hire gigolos

Do you know the dark secret that all men hide? Here are 2 news stories that reveal this secret.


1. Bangalore
Sukhbir Singh a jobless software engineer from Haryana flies to Bangalore to meet a girl he met on Facebook. She was a senior software engineer with IBM living in a posh residential complex. After he has s*x, he asks for money for his return ticket. When she refuses, he kills her in anger.
Note: He spent his own money (despite being jobless) to buy a ticket from Delhi to Bangalore. But after s*x, he wanted her to pay for his ticket back.
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2. Kolkata

Software engineer in Kolkata befriends his female colleague, an American woman working in Kolkata. He spends money on her, buying her gifts, dinner, movies and hotel rooms. After having s*x, he asks her for money. She refuses. He begins to blackmail her, threatening to send their intimate pics to her husband in the US. She files police complaint for extortion, he is arrested.
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Here’s the dark secret: all men lose interest in the woman immediately after s*x.

Before sex, men are filled with lust and attraction. He is generous with affection and compliments, will spend money on gifts. But the moment he ejaculates, his lust disappears and he loses interest in the woman.

This is normal. No matter how deeply you love your girlfriend or wife, it is normal to lose interest after ejaculation. But how a man handles this, tells you whether he is a sensitive high-quality man or an insensitive low-quality male.

  • High-quality male
    When a high quality man loses interest after ejaculation, he will NOT show it. He knows that a woman feels vulnerable immediately after sex. He cares for her feelings, so he continues to engage with her to make her feel special even after his ejaculation, despite losing interest in sex. Only after some time will he disengage (and go to sleep or do some other activity like watching TV or check his mail etc).
  • Low-quality male
    A low quality man is like an animal. He does not care for people’s feelings, he follows his base instincts. As soon as he ejaculates, he loses interest in her, turns over and goes to sleep or puts on his pants and leaves (if it’s not his house) or gets busy with some other activity like watching TV or checking his mail. Or in worst case scenarios, like in the news stories above, he develops a hatred for the woman because he has spent money on her.


All women know this dark secret 

Women know this about men, from direct experience they had or through stories they hear from friends.

That’s why women engaged to get married are advised by her friends to never sleep with her fiance before marriage, as there is a good chance he may lose interest after s*x and cancel marriage plans. That’s also why prostitutes insist on being paid before sex because the man may not pay afterwards.


That’s why women fear hiring gigolos

Clients worry that if the gigolo happens to be a low-quality male, he could turn into a monster after ejaculation and hurt her physically or mentally. He could even resort to blackmail, to destroy her family relationships and her reputation in society. This is even more of a possibility in a country like India, where the Police hesitate to sympathize with a woman who voluntarily invited a man into her hotel room or house.

That’s why the few women who do hire gigolos in India will test, test, test until they are convinced. She will test you over whatsapp, test you over emails, test you over phone conversations.

Even when you meet in person she tests you in the hotel lobby before inviting you into her room. Even after you are inside her hotel room (or house), she continues to test you while you provide the indirect service.

What she is really testing is to see whether you’re high-quality or low-quality. If you fail her test at any stage, she won’t tell you but will politely say she is not interested and say good bye. If you were hired for indirect service, she will pay you for it and say goodbye and not hire you ever again.

You can’t fake this. If you are a low-quality male, don’t even bother getting into this profession. Only high-quality males succeed as gigolos.


How to show that you are ‘high quality’
I regret I cannot help you here. If you respect women, if you care for her feelings, if you love feminine energy, you’ll automatically pass her tests.

But, if you resent women and think they are second-class citizens who should be staying at home, you will fail all her tests, no matter how good-looking you, or how big your biceps or how big a pe*is you have.icon-thumbs-down

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