Desperate men are everywhere. So why would a woman pay for a man?

There are sexually frustrated Indian men in every city, town and village.

This food delivery boy in Bangalore called his lady customer continuously, asking to be her friend. Finally she filed a police complaint.

This massage therapist in Delhi molested his client while giving her a head massage. She got him arrested.

This man in Pune took secret videos of his neighbour couple and asked the woman for sex, threatening to upload the videos on youtube. She filed a police complaint.

This security guard in Hyderabad raped a dog. Arrested.

The guy below in sunglasses was a security guard in Goa. He broke into a resident’s home, threatened her with a knife, tied her up, raped her and then killed her. Arrested.

India has one of the highest incidents of rape violence against women. There are lakhs of cases of stalking, harassment, eve-teasing, molestation, rape all over India.

My question for you:
When there are so many men in India desperate to have sex, women can easily find a man for free, so why would she pay for a man?
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आप केलिए सवाल:
भारत में जब इतने सारे पुरुष सेक्स के लिए बेताब हैं, तो महिलाये आसानी से सैकड़ों पुरुषों को मुफ्त में पा सकती हैं. ऐसी अवस्था में महिलाएं एक पुरुष के लिए पैसे क्यों दे?
(नीचे उत्तर देखें)

Best answer by Mitesh. His answer is highlighted in yellow below.

40 Replies to “Desperate men are everywhere. So why would a woman pay for a man?”

    1. You mean, a woman seeking a man does not need a gigolo agency. You are right. A woman can directly contact the man she likes. All she has to do is hold eye contact for more than 3 seconds and the man will follow her home like a puppy dog. 🙂 Don’t waste your money on gigolo clubs. Every gigolo club in India is fake.

  1. Women’s Has A physiology where she needs a special attention from a man, as a man should always care for her, a man should always treat her as a queen, a man who just don’t want to have a sex, She needs a man who walk with her on a beach, A Man who is ready to Sit with her as long she want to sit in a coffe shop, A Man Who Always Make Her A Special, A Man who is ready to keep all her personal secrets when she is not him or she left him, Bcouz A Women Who Heair A Man They Are From A Well Setalled Family & From a desent society.
    A man should always give her respect if she denied to meet her next time.

    1. True. Before a female client gets intimate with a man, she wants to spend some time talking to him and getting to know his personality. If she finds anything creepy she does not go ahead.

  2. I think a woman doesn’t want only sex, She want something which is beyond physical level. Even if someone is Muscular and good looking but he don’t know what a woman want then she will never go easy with him. As per my understanding a woman can see our gesture of emotions and that is what make her to go easy with you. So there should be love and pamper inside you for her not lust or desire to physical satisfaction

  3. ya it is true that women are afraid and men should be honest, etc.
    but unfor. this doesn’t happen. women are always open for sex but men has to handle very sensibly and respectfully.

  4. yes . sure women can find 100 boys . but im applying for a job not for sex.. they are 100 of guys in for free in there there is no security for them as gigolo service 100% privacy and security must. women needd secret sex and they need to hide these realtion secret. as a gigolo it is top secert

  5. OK u r right but just
    First of all womens need privacy as she like
    AND also pay for man its big reason is man required money and women required man in this case there is selfness so no worry about long relationship or no worry about any thing
    Or another reason is a man do what women say and also man is trained for that women must like that
    Also some women feel lonely and never looks bad character there a self that why they they pay man

  6. It is not possible for anybody to fulfilll the desires of a women, only a trained Gigolo can do that. Most of the men thinks that it just doing the sex, but mostly it is not only sex.
    also they require Gigolo, as they need privacy and trust. which is not possible with any men around as you mentioned.
    The Gigolos operated by an agency would be a perfect one since they maintain the privacy of their clients. If it is an independent “may” or “may not be”.

  7. भारत में जब इतने सारे पुरुष सेक्स के लिए बेताब हैं, तो महिलाये आसानी से सैकड़ों पुरुषों को मुफ्त में पा सकती हैं. ऐसी अवस्था में महिलाएं एक पुरुष के लिए पैसे क्यों दे?
    Jis tara purus sex ke liye betab hai thik usi trah se mahilaye vi sex ke liye beta hai but
    Eska ye matlab nahi ki wo un purus ke sath sex kar sakti hai .
    Purus aur mahila me sex ek aisi payas hai jo do ek dusre ko chahiye. Purus ko apne tarike se aur mahila ko apne tarike se jis se ki wah sex ka maza puri tarh se le sake .
    Un mahila ko sex ke liye apne tarike ka mard chahiye jo unke sex ki chahat ko pura maza unhe de sake .aur o sex ka maza le sake.
    Ek bat aur hai wo sex to karna chahte hai .par apne izat ,rutba,ko khona nahi chahte. Jisse unki badnami na ho .
    Esliye o un puruso ko pasand karte hai…

    1. “Un mahila ko sex ke liye apne tarike ka mard chahiye jo unke sex ki chahat ko pura maza unhe de sake .aur o sex ka maza le sake.”

      Correct. Women want a man who will pleasure her the way SHE wants. Just as she goes to a restaurant which has the food SHE wants, she goes to a tailor who stitches according to what SHE wants etc… The gigolo gets paid to give her what she wants.

  8. sir
    this is the answer of your question .women would pay for three things सुरक्षा सम्मान स्नेह in english security dignity Honor affection..sorry my english is not so good .and men should treat women as human being.t thank you sir for teaching men should respect women .no matter what women wear what she does however her lifestyle every and all condition women is goddess and her dignity is higher than sky. one should learn from lord krishna to respect protect and affection to women .when maata gandhari cursed lord krishna .lord krishna was yet humble and calm.and lord krishna said to maata gandhari that my all life I have taken blessings from u mother today I humbly accept curse.but nowadays men are to much egoist . garib and middle class men are also egoist and they don’t know what is love and affection men ego easily hurt . but the men who is not egoist and know about love affection n security get lots of things from women.i just want to learn to respect protect love n affection to every women . thanks and respect you sir

  9. Women are not sex machines. They are the embodiment of mixed emotions any the women who are not getting proper path to ventilate their emotions, they are seeking a partner to share everything with them and sex is a part of it/them and those who understand them become an ideal partner and the womenfolk searching for the same and a few are ready to pay for/to one who is immensely satisfy them.

  10. Ya i agree that there r desperate mans everywhere, but even there r some man’s n boys who r just fond of sex n wanna enjoy it with elder womens an serve them the satisfying pleasure to that womens who deserve n then they should pay for there satisfaction level not only for sex

    1. That’s correct. One of the reasons women hire gigolos is because they do not want a boyfriend or relationship, they just want to f**k and forget.

  11. Because a woman wants a decent and cool man who is understandable and behave politely and they want a man who satisfies her untold fantasies but normal men fail to do that their mind will change but dedicated guys like us can make the woman satisfied all her needs and listen to her carefully and take care of her while we spend time with them we make sure she is safe with us and maintain privacy but common men do things like blackmailing and manhandling after sex but a good gigolo man cant do that type of stuff we take care we listen we ask her what to do and don’t we make her desire come true in safe way so this is why they want to pay for

  12. bcz sex is not abt the physical relation only. n second girls don’t want to make sexual relation with person who will blakmail or cheat later. thts y they prefer trustfull person.

  13. Coz if she will hire a real men he will give her all pleasures mentally more than physically which women crave for
    Love compassion and cuddleness
    Be it for a short period of time no matter

  14. Factor such as
    Trust for being treated well
    Personal security
    Information security for the lady
    Expectations for a reasonable Comfort level
    Are few reasons.
    If she makes out with anyone then that might land her into uncountable problems.

  15. It’s not about being wanting someone physical
    They have urge to feel comfortable
    Being loved, appreciated and wanted
    It’s about talking too and feeling good about their existence

    1. Correct. It’s not just about being physical, but physical is a very important part of it. Most guys think it is about ‘cuddling’ and ‘talking’ to her. Nope. She is not looking for just a MAN, she is looking for a masculine MAN who knows how to turn her on with his words and his touch.

  16. Hello Team Gigolo Training, My name’s Mitesh & I live in South Mumbai. My answer for your Question would be really simple. There are Millions of Indian Men wanting to have sex with every woman they see & Chances to have free Sex with men are 100%. The only difference I find is, The man whom that particular woman would pay would do everything to Satisfy a woman’s desire without caring about his own because he’s been hired. This job looks easy for a desperate man but it’s not because he’ll see that woman as a Sex Toy & I’m sure it’ll be impossible for him to know why this woman is not with her Spouse or boyfriend but with him. Knowing a woman’s taste & her Pleasure points are really difficult to learn about & I believe life is about ‘Give & Take’ In this case, If you’re willing to fulfill a woman’s expectations with your experience & attractive personality, You’re most likely to earn a better livelihood. The bottom line is:

    ‘She won’t pay you, If you expect her to Satisfy your Sexual Desires. She’ll pay you only If you are Good Enough to act according to her Satisfactions’

    Thank You!

  17. woman will pay for a man even if there are desperate men everywhere because desperate men can’t love a woman. Women need love, care and respect. If they feel it they will pay.

    1. Wrong. She does not need your love, her pet dog can love her. She does not need your care, her maid servant can care for her, she does not need your respect, her servants respect her. She needs a man who will turn her on in the bedroom and outside the bedroom.

  18. Well, when a man has mastered his sexuality through both study and experiential reality, he becomes and expert in the sexual field. While there are many fishes in the sea, not many are equipped to perform to the caliber that satisfy women, especially insatiable ones. So for a man to know how to turn a women on and keep her turned on for hours, days, weeks, or months after an a sexual encounter with a man that has mastered pleasing a woman, that’s a huge plus for women seeking ultimate pleasure and satisfaction.

    1. Correct. A woman can find many desperate men but she cannot easily find a man who will turn her on the way she prefers and satisfies her fully, in bed and out of bed.

  19. Yes there are so many mens who are desperate for sex in india and it looks in their eye. But their are some mens who we call gentleman.They attracts women’s The way they talk to her and how confident he is with his decision. And these qualities attract womens.

    Pay attention. A woman feels safe and secure when she knows her man will put down his BlackBerry and listen to her. Magic words: “I’m here. Tell me everything.”

    Romance appeals to a woman’s right-brained, less-logical side. Every woman fantasizes about being swept off her feet. Romance is bold because you’re displaying your desire for a woman and revealing a softer, more vulnerable side that women find irresistible.

    Being Good in Bed
    It’s not just the orgasms. A woman knows that a man who takes care of her in bed will take care of her out of bed. (Of course, the orgasms don’t hurt.) Your enthusiasm for her body is more important than your sexual prowess.

    Earning Potential
    One in five women surveyed said a man’s successfulness in his career contributes to his sexiness. If you’ve demonstrated talent, goal achievement, and follow-through, you give women confidence that you will be a good provider.

    1. You copied this word-for-word from an article on the internet, but did not provide credits to the original source. I know which sites you copied them from. By pretending that you wrote this yourself you have behaved like a thief, and women don’t want to be with thieves. And did you think you would not get caught? That makes you stupid too. Now what kind of woman would want to be with a stupid thief, let alone alone pay him? Think about that. I posted your comment not because it was unique but to show the others how easy it is to copy-paste from the internet and pass it off as your own.

      1. I extremely sorry Sir but I actually forgot to mention the source link. my intention are not like bad next time i will take care of it.

  20. वर्तमान समय अत्यंत आधुनिक हो गया है लेकिन भारत इस आधुनिकता में भी अपने संस्कार को कायम रखा हुआ है ।
    आज भी यहाँ की महिलाएं खुल कर यौन सम्बन्ध बनाने के लिए सामने नहीं आ सकती हैं क्योंकि उनको भी समाज का डर है इसलिए वो सम्बन्ध बनाना चाहती हैं लेकिन लोक लज्जा के डर से खुद को सुरक्षित करके , यही कारण है कि वो जिगोलो को हायर करती हैं क्योंकि उसे पैसे से मतलब है वो अपना काम किया और अपने रास्ते गया ।

    1. यौन सम्बन्ध बनाने के डर को यदि आप संस्कार कहते हैं तो सबसे संस्कारी देश पाकिस्तान, अफ़ग़ानिस्तान और ईरान होंगे. यह संस्कार नहीं, यह हमारी मनहूसता है. पुरुष अंधराष्ट्रीवादी के निशान हैं. एक विकसित सभ्यता में महिलाओं और पुरुषों को यौन सम्बन्ध बनाने का बराबर का अधिकार है

  21. The most important thing a womon or a lady looks at a gigolo is anonymity. The services rendered by a qualified gigolo is top notch, but the main thing she would be looking for is that he be a man please her the way she expects to be pleased. It maybe physically or emotionally or mentally.

    1. Anonymity is just one of the 6 things a woman looks for. Most of the guys wanting to be Gigolo think it is the most important thing. It is not. And as women get bolder, anonymity is becoming less and less important.

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