The boy who was seduced by his mother’s friend

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Sometimes when I am online, I chat with guys. They share their stories, ask me for help with their gigolo journeys.

Here is one such guy. You can learn from his story.

The boy who was seduced by his mother’s friend

He was 16 years old, lived in a small North-Indian city. His mom’s female friends would often come over for tea. He called them aunty.

One of the aunties would always stare at him. This made him uncomfortable, which made her stare even more, because she enjoyed making him feel uncomfortable icon-smile-o

When she got the chance she would sit next to him, and when his mother was not looking, she would keep her hand on his thighs.

One day his mother gave him a parcel to deliver to this Aunty’s house.

He rang her door bell. Aunty opened the door. She was wearing only a towel.
“I was having my bath” she said, “but come in and sit down”.

He entered the house and sat on a chair. She adjusted her towel and showed him a bit of her breasts accidentally, and then went into the bathroom to finish her bath.

After her bath, she sat down next to him. She asked him if he had a girlfriend. He said No.

She talked for some time. Then she started caressing his thighs. When he did not object, she kissed his cheeks, then his lips, then she gave him a blowjob, then they had sex.

After the session, she told him to come over to her house whenever he wanted.

He visited her often.

She was his first lover. Before meeting her he was a virgin, clueless about sex. She taught him techniques about how to please a woman sexually.

After many sessions, she introduced him to her friend, another aunty.

The boy then started visiting the second aunty, and had sex with her a few times.

Today he is older, has moved out of his small town and attends college in a large city. He requested me to send him client contacts. He is confident of being a successful gigolo because of his experience and training.

Do you think he would make a good gigolo?

Most of the people reading this would be sure he’ll make a successful gigolo. After all, he was taught sex techniques by a woman. What else does a man need, right?

But I was not so sure. Being a gigolo myself, I know this is no easy job. If a woman is going to pay, she requires a man with extraordinary skills. She can get an ordinary man any time, anywhere, for free.

I needed more information. I asked him questions.

Me: “Did the aunty enjoy what you did for her in bed?”

He: “I asked her, she said, You are not bad, but you have a long way to go, you need more practice”.

Me: “After you got introduced to aunty # 2, did you see the aunty # 1 again?”

He: “No. Whenever I wanted to meet her, she asked me to go to aunty # 2.”


My doubts were confirmed. Aunty # 1 had dumped him. She introduced him to aunty # 2 because she wanted to get rid of him. Why was aunty # 1 not interested in him any more? Because he was a lousy lover. Like most guys he focussed on his own pleasure, instead of focussing on what pleased her. A satisfied female will never share her man with another woman unless she was no longer interested in him.

After some more questioning I found that aunty # 2 dumped him too.

Here are some lessons from this story that every student of the gigolo arts can learn from:

  1. What is special about this story is not the boy, but the woman. She was a sexually liberated woman who is not shy to make new lovers. Women like her are a gift to the world, they are rare gems, rarely to be found. They love sex and want men to become better lovers. They will spend their time and energy to help young men become skilled lovers. Most women wish they could be bold like her, but few have the courage.
  2. The boy did NOTHING, he just got lucky. He was lucky this woman was his mother’s friend. He was lucky she seduced him. He was lucky she taught him sexual techniques. He was lucky she did everything…from touching him, kissing him, seducing him, teaching him about sex. He was lucky she came into his life. If not for luck, his life would have been the same as any other boy’s.
  3. Have you seen people take beggar kids into a McDonald’s and buy them burgers and coke?  Why do they do it? Not because they enjoy dining with beggar kids.  icon-smile-o They do it because…
    a) They feel sorry for the poor kids.
    b) They like seeing the expression of thrill on the poor kids’ faces as they enjoy great food for the first time in their lives.
    The aunty felt sorry for the boy. She wanted to see the expression of thrill on his face. It’s called pity sex.
  4. When a woman wants a man for her own pleasure, she wants an expert, not a man who she has to teach.
  5. This is not the first boy these aunties have slept with. There were other boys before him, there will be other boys after him. The aunties don’t get enjoyment from these boys. Do you know what the aunties do for real enjoyment? They get adult men. Yes, these women also have many adult men that they regularly have sex with. And these men are not gigolos, they are neighbours, relatives, family friends and they do it for free. There are desperate men everywhere, available for free.
  6. Aunties who can choose boys and men for FREE, if they have to pay a man for his service, can you imagine how good that man must be. That’s why not every man can be a gigolo.

Several times during our conversation he said “I enjoyed with the aunties”. 

I had to finally stop him and say, I don’t want to know if you enjoyed with the aunties, tell me if the aunties enjoyed with you? And I know the answer: they did not.

Gigolo is a profession, not a pastime. For a gigolo, the objective is not to enjoy, but to make the client enjoy. If the client is not satisfied, you did not do a good job.

“Enjoyed with the aunties” That’s typical male thinking. Using this sentence has made him a hero among his friends. It’s a common male behaviour to brag about their exploits with women. But common males don’t make successful gigolos. This profession needs “uncommon” males, extraordinary males.

Unfortunately this young man is not ready to be a gigolo. Not yet. Like the aunty said, he has a long way to go.


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