Why Indian gigolos find it difficult to get clients हिंदी

See the rabbit below. Imagine she is a female client. Imagine the carrots are men. One of those carrots is you. Do you think she has a problem finding a man? Lakhs of men are waiting desperately to be picked by her. Why would she pick you? What's different about you. More important, why would she pay you? Think about that. Subscribe to my free Gigolo Training tips, and you may eventually understand. And btw, even if you're not interested in being a gigolo, following these tips will make you the kind of man that every woman wants to meet.

Why Indian gigolos find it difficult to get clients


The many stages at which a client can reject you

She could reject you when she reads your email, or your sms, or after your phone conversation or when she visits your website or when she sees you at the hotel or...

Get more customers by offering an “indirect” service

A common mistake by beginners is to market themselves as 'gigolos'. That does not get them many clients. To get more clients you have to sell an indirect service...


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