The truth about gigolo clubs

Here’s another story a guy sent me recently (English translation below)

Please upload my story on this blog, this is my personal true and correct story. में आज पहली बार अपनी कहानी यहाँ पर पोस्ट कर रहा हु, में राजकोट (गुजरात) से हु, राजकोट वैसे तो रंगीला सहर कहा जाता हे, मगर फिर हाल बिज़नेस मई लगातार दो साल से मंदी का माहोल बना हुआ हे, इसके चलते महीने की तनखा से घर का खर्चा चलना बहुत मुस्किल हो रहा हे,  दोस्तों के साथ आपस में गप्पे लड़ते समय एक दोस्त ने मज़ाक में यह गाइडेंस दिया की क्यों ना तू जिगोलो जॉब ज्वाइन करले, इस से तेरी समस्या भी कम हो जाएगी और पैसे भी मिलेंगे, आज काल इंटरनेट और न्यूज़ पेपर में  इसका विज्ञापन बहोत आ रहा हे, मुज़े उसकी बात सच्ची लगी, और इंटरनेट के माध्यम से मैंने ज्वाइन करना उचित समजा क्युकी, न्यूज़ पेपर वाला कदाचित परिचित निकला तो क्या होगा ये सोचकर ही इंटरनेट के माध्यम से एक एजेंसी में अपना मेल आई दी दर्ज  किया, एक या दो घंटे बीते होंगे की उसका फ़ोन आया, जोइनिंग करने के लिए उसने मेरा फोटो आई दी, एक फोटो और एड्रेस का प्रूफ लिया और कहा की आपको जोइनिंग करने के लिए डिपाजिट रकम पेय करना पड़ेगा उसके बाद आपका काम हमारे ज़रिये चालु ही जाएगा,  मैंने आपने  दोस्त (जिसने मुज़े यह सुजाव दिया था) के पास से मैंने डिपाजिट की रकम का इंतज़ाम किया और  डिपाजिट की रकम पय करदी, और चैन की सास ली की चलो अब एक दो दिन के बाद काम चालू हो जायेगा और पैसे की कमी में थोड़ी तो राहत तो मिलेगी, पर मेरे अंदाजा गलत निकला, पहले तो वह  आदमी और पैसे मांगने लगा और उसके बाद अब तो वह फोन भी नहीं उठाता और कोई जवाब भी नहीं देता, फ़ोन करते करते अब में और परेशान हो गया हु, वह नहीं तो पैसे लौटा रहा हे और, नहीं कोई जवाब दे रहा हे, ऊपर से इस पैसो की महामारी में दोस्त का कर्ज़ा कर दिया सो अलग.

इसलिए दोस्तों मेरी आपसे यह गुजारिश हे, की अगर आप जिगोलो एजेंसी को ज्वाइन करो तो सोच समज़कर करना क्युकी आपकी हालत भी मेरे जैसी न हो. इस लिए मैंने जिस एजेंसी का संपर्क किया था उसका लिंक यहाँ पे पोस्ट कर रहा हु,
http://xxxxxxxxxxx/MaleEscorts/gigolos-jobs-male-escorts-call-boys-surat-rajkot-agency/xxxxxxxxx (नाम : विकास आहूजा) Mob.No. : O7O9xxxxxxx
क्युकी आप भी मेरी तरह उल्लू ना बने, ये बात अगर किसी को अफवाह लगती हे तो मेरे पास डिपाजिट की बैंक रसीद हे, जो मई दिखा सकता हु.

और मेरा इस ब्लॉग के कर्ता को निवेदन करता हु की मेरी यह पोस्ट ज़रूर लोगो तक पहुचाये ताकि मेरे जैसे कोई उल्लू ना बने .


Thanks & Regards
Name : xxxxxxxxxx
City   : Rajkot
State : Gujarat


Here’s the English translation :

I had financial problems with my business, I had no money to even run my home. One day while I was sharing my problems with a group of friends, one of them suggested I could try to earn some money as a gigolo. He said he has seen lots of ads in the newspapers and the internet but has never tried them. I decided to try it. I wrote to one of the agencies. Soon a man called from the agency and asked for my photo ID and address proof. I gave him the info. Then he called me and asked me to deposit money before he starts sending me contacts of women so that I can start earning money. I could not afford the amount he asked so I borrowed money from my friend and deposited the money. But I did not receive any contacts. When I called him he asked for more money. Finally, when I told him I cannot pay any more money, he stopped answering my calls. Now, in addition to my previous financial problems, I have to return the money I borrowed from my friend. So dear friends, think carefully before joining a gigolo agency or you’ll fall into the same trap as I did.


(Website and phone number of the alleged cheat has been masked by to give benefit of doubt, since we cannot confirm the story. Btw, this is one of the hundreds of stories I have received about fake gigolo agencies.)


So what lessons can we learn from this?

Lesson 1 : Gigolo clubs in India are a scam. They don’t have any clients.

Think about it. If you are a rich woman with money to spend on a gigolo, why would you go through a gigolo club? What benefit is the club providing you? Does the club do a quality check to keep out sleazy guys so that only decent guys come to your hotel room? Nope, they will accept ANY guy who pays them the money (even guys with a criminal background). Does the club only accepts handsome guys? Nope, they will accept any guy, even dirty, ugly, smelly, badly dressed guys who make the payment. Does the club check if the guy knows how to satisfy a woman in bed? Nope, they will accept any man, even a virgin guy who has never ever kissed a woman before.

They will even accept this guy. 🙂

Think about it. If this ugly guy manages to borrow some money and deposits it in the club’s account, he becomes a gigolo?! surprise And he will get contacts of high-class, wealthy women? And he can go to the woman’s house or hotel room and she will open the door and welcome him in? And kiss his sexy mouth? 🙂

Just because he has paid the club?

Do you see how ridiculous that is?

Seriously now, think about it.

Why would a rich, high-class woman go through a gigolo club if it provides no benefit to her? Rich women are not stupid, they are smart. wink


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Lesson 2 : Gigolo clubs are in business because their victims don’t complain

If you purchase an airline ticket from a travel agency but find that the airline has no seat reserved in your name, you will demand your money back from the travel agency, and if they refuse to answer your calls, you will make a police complaint. Right?

When guys pay money to a gigolo club for contacts of women and they don’t send them any contacts, guys should demand their money back, right? They don’t. They are afraid to go to the police because they feel this is an illegal racket. And that is how these fake agencies survive because they know that most guys don’t have the courage to make a police complaint.


Lesson 3 : Some gigolo clubs do send you contacts of women, but not the kind of women you expected

Some gigolo clubs will send you contacts of women after you make the payment. But do you know what kind of women? S*x workers. 🙂 These women will tell you on the phone “I got your number from the gigolo club. I will meet you, but I want you to give me a gift”. If you just wanted a s*x worker, you could have got her anywhere, why did you have to pay a gigolo agency? 🙂 Let me put just a little more salt on your wounds. The club guy took a commission from the s*x worker before he give her your number. You become the bakra for both parties. Sorry, but that’s the truth about gigolo clubs.


Beware of a new kind of scam

A guy wrote to me recently about a new kind of gigolo club scam. The club will say they don’t want any money in advance, but will only charge a commission when they send you an actual customer. Registration is 100% free. They ask for your details, name, photo ID etc. but they don’t demand money! You are happy that they work on commission basis. Then one day they call and say, “Congratulations, we have got you your first customer. She will pay you Rs.30,000. Our commission is 50% for first customer, 30% for second customer and 10% for all future customers. Please deposit 50% ie. Rs.15,000 in our bank account and we will send you the contact. Please do it asap, she is in a hurry, if you don’t pay in the next 2 hours, we will send her to another gigolo. You beg, borrow, steal and make the payment. And you don’t hear from the guys again. They also stop answering your phone calls. Same old story.


Don’t say you were not warned.

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