He gets 8 clients a month…but there’s a problem

A guy contacted me recently, asking for help to improve his “gigolo business”.

He advertises in newspaper classifieds, offering service to women at their home or hotel room.

I asked him a few details. How many clients does he have currently, how much does he earn, how much more does he wish to earn, etc.

He gets about 8 clients a month but earns nothing because his service is free.

Free?! I know classified ads cost quite a bit, so how he could afford the ads?

He said he spends his own money. About INR 50,000 a month (approximately 700 USD) on the ads alone. In addition, if her house is not available for the meeting, he pays for the hotel room, and since women refuse go to cheap hotels, he spends a sizeable amount of money on fancy hotel rooms.

Suddenly I began to understand.

He calls himself gigolo but he is actually no different from men who pay sex workers, or the men who pay for dates.

He was spending money just to get intimate with women.

So how can I help you? I asked him, knowing well that I could not. What he needed to do was learn to be such a mindblowing lover that the women would be addicted to him, and pay for repeat experiences. Unfortunately there was a different kind of addiction at play here. The man was addicted to the false sense of validation of women desiring him.

“I can’t afford the cost of the ads and hotel rooms. I want to start getting paid for my service.”

Have you tried charging your clients? I asked, knowing what his answer was going to be.

“I have tried, but when I tell them on the phone that it will cost money, they don’t want to meet me.”

Can’t blame the women. When she can get men for free, why will they pay?

Men are waiting in queue to offer it for free. Her neighbour, his son, his son’s friends, her co-workers, her boss, her relatives, the courier boys, the Amazon guys, the Dominos guys, the UberEats guys, the guys on Tinder, shaadi.com, Facebook, AshleyMadison, match.com, plentyoffish, trulymadly….all these guys will happily do whatever she wants in bed, for free.

When she can pick from hundreds of men, for free, why would she ever pay?

But women do pay. They pay the man who is a specialist. The man who gives her such a stunning experience that she wants it again and again and again.

But merely calling yourself a specialist does not make you a specialist. Calling yourself a gigolo on the internet does not make you a gigolo.

You have to become an expert at the job.

If the guy in the above story was good at the job, the women would do whatever necessary to keep coming back to him. They would pay for his service and for the hotel room and give him gifts and wait for him to be available if he was busy.

I get lots of mails from guys who call themselves gigolos and they ask for help getting clients.

They say they have 10, 15, 20 clients but want more. When I question them in detail, their lies are exposed, they turn out to be just horny guys wanting to get laid. None of them have clients. Most of them are virgins, some of them just got lucky, some have a girlfriend (whose expenses they pay for), and the others have had no sexual experience except with sex workers. These guys have lost money to fake gigolo clubs, they have registered on free internet classified ads with fake gigolo profiles, and now they contact me with their fake stories. 🙂

It is liars like these that have given the word gigolo a bad name in India.

That’s why I will avoid mentioning the word gigolo in my training. If you want to get the only authentic gigolo training in the world, go to www.khiladitraining.com and subscribe for training announcements by adding your email address there.