I got more clients in the pandemic than I expected

Gigolos cannot work with social distancing 🙂

When Corona happened I cancelled and refunded all client appointments.

But I had no complaints, health was the #1 priority.

I forgot all about business and decided to enjoy the break. I binge-watched Netflix. I tried experimental cooking. I zoom-chatted with family, friends, and students. For fresh air, I went cycling.

Then I noticed something strange.

Before the pandemic, when I entered stores to buy groceries, I got looks of attraction from women (it’s because of a body language trick that anyone can learn). I talked to some of them, got their numbers, and proceeded to turn them into lovers and clients over the next few weeks.

This was before the virus turned the world upside down. There’s no way things would be the same now, I thought. Would she risk talking to strangers during a pandemic? No way, I thought. With my face hidden in a mask, how would she know if I was good-looking or ugly? No way, I thought. And how could we have a conversation with all the social distancing? No way.

I was sure women would be in no mood to connect during the pandemic.

I was wrong.

Now more women were looking at me, with more eagerness than before. And when I talked to them they share their phone numbers faster than before.

What was going on?? Why was it easier to connect with women during a pandemic?!

Gradually I realized what was going on. I understood why women are more eager for casual sex now than before. I shared this with my students a year back and helped them build their female contacts during the pandemic. I will now share this with the rest of my blog readers.

Watch out for my newsletter on Saturday (21 August, 2021) where I explain this in detail.

For now, I will only give you a hint, and let me see if you figure it out. See the pic below? That’s your hint.

Does that pic give you an idea about why it is easier to connect with women during a pandemic? Post your comment below and I will select the best answer.

Don’t miss my newsletter on Saturday. It will provide important tips to re-build your gigolo business as the world begins to open up again. In the post-pandemic world, women are more eager for casual sex than before. The gigolo business is going to take off.


  1. I think men were busy struggling to sustain their business during pandemic, leaving their women alone in the house. There were lot of stress and job loss during these times, ignoring the women on second priority.

  2. This pandemic have affected people mental health too especially women….their are many divorces, separations, fights took place during this pandemic women have suffered more in pandemic husband is all time at home, house works (minimum or without survents or helpers), may be if she is a working women then office work is also a thing which she have to manage…. Pandemic also teachs that “life is short why wouldn’t enjoy it to the fullest”😉… so Many things took place in this pandemic that’s why I think she need more pleasure & love

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