6 questions every gigolo must answer (here’s # 5. The ABUNDANCE question)

Yesterday was question # 6

Today is # 5

 icon-quote-left The ABUNDANCE question:
Do you walk, talk and move in a way that shows you need nothing from anybody? icon-quote-right 


When most wannabe gigolos interact with a client, they appear like they need something from her. As if they need her approval, need a kiss, need s*x.

If he is hired for an indirect service like massage, he is desperate to have s*x with her instead of providing a great massage. If he was hired as a tourist guide, he is desperate to get physical with her instead providing the best possible tour of the place.

Women are turned off by needy behaviour. She can find needy men anywhere, any time. Her neighbour is needy, the boys in her building are needy, the dhoodhwala is needy, the baniya is needy, the dhobi, the courier boy, the building watchman, the gardener, her driver, the salesman at the mall, the waiter at the coffee shop….everywhere there are men needy for s*x and waiting for a signal from her. She can get them any time for free.

But if she’s going to pay money, she wants somebody special. She wants a man who needs nothing from her, not sex, not money, not approval. A man who comes from a place of abundance.

Women can detect needy behaviour when she interacts with you by email, SMS, whatsapp, phone. She can detect it when she meets you for the first time. From the way you enter the hotel, the way you say hello, the way you hold eye contact, the way you shake her hand or hug her, the way you undress her, the way you touch her, the way you transition from an indirect service to seduction. She can detect it from your body language, your voice, your touch, your words. Example: If a client rejects you for some reason, can you cheerfully say “No problem, have a nice day”, turn around and walk away without taking it personally? While providing an indirect service, when you start seducing her, if she says she’s not interested in seduction, can you calmly go back to continue the service without sulking or asking her why? If a client hires you once but not again, can you avoid calling her to say you miss her?

How can you stop being needy and project abundance in the way you walk and talk? We do elaborate exercises for this at our gigolo training sessions, but here’s a simple tip. Count your blessings. Feel gratitude for what you do have. Don’t have enough money? Feel gratitude that you are not in a wheel chair. You can at least move your hands and legs, and earn a living. Don’t get enough s*x? Feel gratitude that you can masturbate. There are handicapped people who can’t even do that. Like the famous quote, ‘I cried because I had no shoes, until I saw a man with no feet’. When you’re always feeling gratitude, the women you meet can sense that you are in abundance, that you don’t need anything from her, that you are complete by yourself. And that is attractive.


Tomorrow will be question #4. It will be more challenging.

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