6 questions every gigolo must answer (# 4. The FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY question)

Here is an email I received recently.
“काम बता 
औरत की चूत कैसे पेलनी है मैं सिखाता हूँ तुझे”

Here is an email from another guy.
“I want to work as gigolo plz help. How can I do? I am jobless, I dont
have money to run my daily bread. I dont want to be gigolo for sex, I only
want because I can earn good and I good on bed too.”

And another.
“i m xxxx from bangalore…i spend more then 59000 rupees in fraud escort gigolo service….i m totaly helpless ……i need money urgent for my mom leg operation….sir please pleaze please help me….if you hv any cont no of real gigolo service please tell me give no….please sir reply pls”

I get hundreds of mails like these. These men are convinced that if they can just get some client contacts, they can launch their gigolo careers.

Here’s what’s common between these guys: none of them have any idea what makes a woman want to hire a gigolo.

Even if I give them a client contact, she will reject them (within seconds of meeting them) because she’ll know that these guys are no different from the desperate men she meets everyday.

That’s what we’ll talk about in today’s question # 4

 icon-quote-left The FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY question:
Do you understand what makes a woman think and behave differently than a man? icon-quote-right 

Do you have any idea what a woman goes through in her life?

Do you understand the misogyny and sexual abuse most of them face daily? Did you know that 80% of all women face sexual abuse at some point in their lives? Are you aware of the blackmail that many of them undergo?

Do you have any idea what it feels like to bleed for 5 days of every month? Or the constraints she faces because of menstruation? The physical, emotional and social constraints.

Do you know why more and more women are choosing to stay single? They are tired of men chasing them for sex. What she’s looking for is a man she’d like to chase. Unfortunately all she finds is overgrown babies, mama’s boys. She’s not interested in them. She does not want to live a life of compromise, pretending to have orgasms, pretending to be happy, like her married friends are doing. She’d rather stay single.

Did you know, even women married to rich families are tired of their perfect lives? They live in a golden cage, have every luxury that money could provide but they are dying to taste some adventure. Yes, dying. Many of the illnesses women suffer from is because of suppressing their desire for adventure.

Did you know that when a married man is found to have an affair it is forgiven as a stupid mistake but when a married woman has an affair it is a disaster, she is condemned for life for cheating on her husband and destroying the family’s reputation. Double standard. That’s why women do what the society wants, what her parents want, what her in-laws want, what her religious leaders want, while suppressing what she herself wants.

Can you see the tears women hide behind the brave face they put up? The beautiful rose is what she shows in public, the thorny stem she always keeps hidden.

Did you know that when a woman has an affair it is not always because she does not love her husband? It’s usually because she misses passion and excitement in her marriage. Love is not enough, women need a good dose of lust too.

Do you know that some of the most loving couples I have met are impotent men who bring their wives to me? That wife would never leave her impotent husband. She loves him too much. Lust is not enough, women need a good dose of love too.

Men hire a sex worker for a simple reason: he is horny. Women are more complex. She hires a gigolo because she seeks passion, adventure, excitement, even a bit of danger.



Tomorrow will be question # 3. A higher level of challenge.

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