6 questions every gigolo must answer (here’s # 3. The TRUST question)

I once got a strange request from a client. She would hire me if I agreed to her condition of keeping the lights in the hotel room OFF. I would not get to see her face, and we would have to do everything in complete darkness. I agreed. We met like that twice. She then trusted me enough to have the lights on. She turned out to be a TV anchor of yesteryears.

Another client. I entered the hotel room and was surprised to find a young lady with an eye mask. She said she wanted to keep her identity a secret until she could trust me. Next meeting, her mask was off. It turned out, she was from a well-known business family of a south-Indian state.

Another client asked me to come to a busy coffee shop at Bandra, sit a table for 15 mins, have a coffee and leave. She would be in the coffee shop but I would not know her. She would check me out anonymously and then let me know later if she wanted to hire me or not.

I have got so many strange requests like these, that I am not surprised any more.

The no.1 fear women have about hiring a gigolo is that if her secret leaks out into the public, society would shame her forever. The fear is greater if she is a celebrity or a powerful woman, because then even the media will talk about it.

Which is today’s question # 3

 icon-quote-left The TRUST question:
Can you keep her deepest secrets, even when she stops hiring you? icon-quote-right 

After a woman hires the same gigolo a few times, she gets comfortable enough to share her most intimate secrets. When clothes come off, so do the masks.

You’ll learn secrets about her family, her friends, her job, her relatives, her company, her boss, her products, her fears and more.

Can you keep her secrets?

Some of those secrets can be quite sensational, especially if she is a celebrity or a powerful corporate executive or the head of a well known business family. You see her photograph in a prominent newspaper, she and her handsome husband attending a social event, and your friend remarks, “Wow, only such a handsome man could get such a beautiful wife” and you feel the urge to tell him, “The husband is gay. She told me last week.” But you don’t say it. Because you are a professional. You smile and change the topic. You will never share your client’s secrets.

But what if she stops hiring you. Can you still keep those secrets?

What if you have a fight and you are no longer on talking terms?

Or imagine a worst case scenario: what if, in a fit of rage, she asks you to fuck off ? Would you now be so angry that you’d want to teach her a lesson and use her secrets against her? Or would you still keep her secrets?

Just nodding Yes, will not do. You could be lying. 😉 She won’t believe just your words. Women are sharp. She will know if you’re trustworthy even before she meets you, by observing the smallest details. From the way you reply to her whatsapp message, from the way you speak to her on the phone, from your sense of humor, from your body language, your eye contact, the confidence with which you respond to questions…and from the many microexpressions that your body reveals.

And if she feels the slightest doubt that she cannot trust you 100%, she won’t tell you that directly. She’ll just decline you politely.



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P.S. Even if you don’t want to be a gigolo, following these tips will make you the kind of man that every woman dreams of meeting.

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