The son who hired me for his mother

I am often hired by men for their female partners.

He pays my fee, books a hotel room, sits on the couch and watches me make love to his wife or girlfriend.

What he’s really paying for is his pleasure, not her’s.

Then there is the other man. He hires a gigolo solely for the woman’s pleasure. This special kind of man knows that a woman truly enjoys sex only when she is relaxed, and he knows the sure way to relax her is privacy. So he goes away and allows the woman to have total privacy so she can have maximum pleasure. He’ll wait downstairs in the reception area while I make love to his wife, girlfriend, daughter, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother…

Last month such a man hired me for his 45-year-old divorced mom.

Mother and Son came from a small town in Gujarat. She had a psychiatric condition, which caused her to have an intense craving for sex. The craving was causing her mental distress. They had already sought medical help. A psychiatrist told the son “Inki shaadi kara do” (translation: “Get her married”) and wrote out a prescription of sedative pills for her.

But she did not want to get married again.

They finally decided to hire a gigolo.

The son told me that she wanted to first talk to the gigolo on the phone, then meet him at a coffee shop, before deciding if she would want to go with him into the hotel room.

They had already rejected many gigolos, most of whom offered their services for free on the internet. Most of them she declined after talking to them on the phone. Many she rejected after meeting them personally at the coffee shop. She hired 2 gigolos, but she did not enjoy the experience.

The son told me that some of her male relatives and neighbours try to have an affair with her ever since she got divorced, but she had rejected them all.

He assured me that if his mom was satisfied, he would hire me regularly. He sounded desperate.

After a few phone conversations with her, mother and son travelled to Mumbai and checked into a hotel on the Ghodbunder road. We met at the hotel cafe and chatted over coffee. She asked me questions. I asked her questions. Then I left mom and son alone, and waited outside for their decision. In a few minutes the son came out and said she wants to go ahead. He gave me the key to the hotel room. The lady and I went up to the room while the son waited in the restaurant.

She loved the experience.

After the session, I taught her to masturbate and to use the vibrator which I had brought along as a gift.

They hired me twice the next week, travelling all the way to Mumbai from Gujarat.

Eventually I trained a student in Dahanu to service her. He travelled to her town four times a week to provide home-service.


  • My efforts were to help, not to exploit her for money or for my sexual pleasure. She could sense my attitude of giving rather than taking. That is what made her hire me.
  • The masturbation techniques I taught her, and the vibrator I gifted her, made her less dependent on me, and made her less likely to hire me.
  • When I trained a student to provide her home service, I eliminated any chance of her hiring me personally again, and I was ok with that.
  • Even though there were many men waiting to get intimate with her (for free!) she had rejected them all. That shows a woman is looking for something much more than a ‘cock’ in a gigolo.

Today she continues to use my student’s services. As she gets used to masturbating and gets more comfortable using the vibrator, she hires him less and less. And that’s ok.

Most of the men writing to me have only one question: How do I get clients? They don’t want to know what a woman is looking for in a gigolo, they don’t want to know how to please a woman in bed, how to make her crave for their company, how to make her miss him when he’s gone, they just want ‘clients’.

Frankly, these are just sexually frustrated guys looking to get laid. But a woman can get such frustrated men anywhere, for free. Heck, she could even get guys to pay her for it. So why would she pay you? Why would she be with you even for free?