6 questions every gigolo must answer. # 6. The PRESENTABILITY question

Women can find a man anywhere, any time, for free. All she has to do is maintain eye contact for more than 5 seconds and he’ll follow her home like a little puppy dog.

This is even more true in India with so many sexually frustrated men desperate for s*x.

Expecting an Indian woman to spend time with you is difficult enough. But expecting her to pay you for your time? Now that is virtually impossible for most men.

But still there are successful gigolos in India. Some of them have so many clients that they cannot accept any more. So what are these guys doing differently? What can you learn from these successful gigolos?

I’ll call them the 6 questions every gigolo must answer. Ask yourself if you can honestly answer Yes to each question.

Starting today I will post 1 question a day, for 6 days. Today’s question is…

 icon-quote-left The PRESENTABILITY question:
Do you have the grooming and style of an attractive man? icon-quote-right 

A woman can find a sloppy man anywhere, but it is hard to find a man who takes care of his appearance. Get a hair cut. If you have long hair, wash and shampoo it. Greasy and unwashed hair is a turn-off. If you’re balding, don’t cover bald spots with sparse hair, that makes you look insecure and turns off women, better to shave your head completely and sport a cool bald look. Remove all unwanted hair. I mean, hair coming out of your nose and ears. Shave the carpet of hair on the back of your neck. Trim your chest hair, pubic hair, armpit hair. While bathing, wash behind the ears, between toes, and all those areas that guys usually ignore. Are your teeth yellow and stained? Brush with a whitening toothpaste, or see a dentist to have the stains removed. Keep your finger nails trimmed, filed and clean. Women notice dirty, broken nails and get turned off. Make sure your palms feel smooth and soft. If you have rough hands use moisturizer. Have nice smelling breath with mouth freshener or chewing gum. Spray deodorant so you are smelling good. Wear a good pair of shoes and ensure they’re appropriate to the outfit. Wear a fashionable shirt tucked in with neatly pressed pants. Here’s the simple rule: If you both are out at a restaurant having dinner together, and she meets her friends, will she be ashamed of you or be proud to be with you? Btw, presentability matters not just outside the bedroom, but inside too. When you remove your socks, they should smell fresh, not have holes. Your underwear should be colourful, sporty and fresh, not boring white, and definitely never dirty or stained! 


Tomorrow will be question #5. A more important one.


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P.S. Even if you don’t want to be a gigolo, following these tips will make you the kind of man that every woman dreams of meeting.