There are NO genuine gigolo clubs in India. Not a single one.

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Sorry to break this to you but there are no genuine clubs in India. Every gigolo club in India is a fraud.

In the US and Europe, there are genuine gigolo clubs that women can visit and easily choose a man, confident that he has been tested for skills like etiquette, style, charm, intelligence, love-making skills and for being disease-free. Those clubs are professionally managed and they pass these tests.

But in India, every single club I have come across is a fraud. Indian ‘clubs’ are usually a couple of guys operating out of a small town, who have hired a girl to talk to callers. They target sexually frustrated virgin men on whatsapp and facebook, and promise them clients in exchange for a registration fee. As soon as they get your money they ignore all your calls. They are thieves. Even their website content is stolen, copy-pasted from my website or from foreign websites.

Indians cheat a lot. This is the unfortunate truth. You must have heard the case of Indian call centers cheating US tax payers. Here is a different case of cheating. Sadly, many Indians prefer to cheat rather than do the hard work of providing a quality service. Btw, if you complain to the police, these frauds do get caught. But most victims are too embarassed to complain and the police cannot take action without a complaint. That’s why fake gigolo agencies continue to thrive. Don’t get cheated. Save your money. 


The truth about gigolo clubs in India


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