My answers to the 2 questions

Recently I asked 2 questions in a blog post (read them first here)

Here are my answers.

1. If she loved his skills, why did she not hire him again?

The truth is, she did NOT love his skills. But she was afraid to tell him frankly because she knows men have fragile egos and can’t take rejection easily. And when he has seen her naked and knows her address, he is even more likely to think it’s his right to get intimate with her again, and to demand it.

The risk* is even greater for women living alone.

So she sent him off with compliments. She praised his skills and performance, she told him she will hire him again, she paid his fees and said a sweet good bye.

She had given him a test and he failed. She does this all the time. Calls guys over, tests them, pays their fees and says goodbye. She will keep doing it until she finds the man who truly knows how to please her.


When a guy finally passes her tests, she won’t let him go. She will hire him every day if he is available. If he is busy, she will wait patiently for him to be available (even though there are other guys willing to come over for free). Besides his fees, she will give him extra tips and gifts. She will do whatever it takes to keep him because she knows a good gigolo is hard to find.


So what did this guy do wrong?

I cannot say for sure because I did not see him perform, and I can’t get feedback from the woman. So I can only guess.

It could be one of many reasons.

  • Maybe he was in too much awe of her. He must have looked at her like she was a memsaab and he her servant.
    Women hate that look from a man, it kills all her attraction. Women want the opposite look, she wants him to look at her like he is boss and she is servant.
  • Maybe he had poor personal hygiene. Bad breath, body odour, nose hair, dirty fingernails, yellow teeth…
  • Maybe he looked nervous because he felt overwhelmed in her luxurious home because he thought yeh meri aukaat ke bahar hai (she’s out of my league).
    Btw, if you ever feel out of place in a luxurious house or in a 5-star hotel room, you have to pretend as if you live in an even nicer house. It’s all in the body language. At first you are pretending, but after servicing a few clients THIS is the natural life for you, luxurious rooms become your workplace, THIS is where I spend most of my time and so will you.
  • Maybe he had too much of the free wine and got drunk and became sleepy and could not provide good service. This used to happen to me at the beginning, so watch out, you have to be fully focussed, this is WORK, she is paying you for a service, not for fun.
  • Maybe, after the chatting, when it was time to make the move, he was afraid and kept hesitating, waiting for her permission, and finally, she was forced to make the move herself and get physical with him just to end the awkwardness.
    Women hate it when a man won’t make the move. If she is forced to make the move and get physical with him, she almost always loses attraction for him and will not want to see him again.
  • Maybe he had weak body language which turned her off.
  • She was a couple years older than him, so maybe he treated her like he treats his elders. LOL!
    Women want their lover to behave bold and confident, even if she is older than him.
  • Maybe he was not skilled at lovemaking.


Maybe this, maybe that, maybe something else…I don’t really know. I asked him for the possible reason, but he was clueless himself.

Whatever the reason, if he had projected masculine energy and given her multiple orgasms, all his mistakes would have been forgiven. Sab kuch maaf.

Btw here are some more reasons why clients usually reject gigolos.

But the guy does deserve credit. He got invited over to the house of a wealthy client and got paid. Very few guys can do that.


My second question was….


2. Why did she call him on the phone if she had no intention to hire him?

After the meeting, he called her several times but she did not answer.

Men usually feel rejected when this happens. Cool guys take such rejections sportingly and move on, but the loser-types start planning revenge or blackmail. Scary.

Experienced women know this weakness of men. After seeing his missed calls she was concerned that he may start plotting revenge, and she feared for her safety. That’s why she called him. To check if he is ok or angry. During the conversation she found he was ok. She probably calmed him down some more by saying she liked him but cannot hire him for a while because her husband is in town. After the phone call she threw away the simcard forever, it is a small price to pay to get rid of a needy guy.


Btw, during the phone call, if she had found he was angry or threatening, she would have called the cops who would pick him up from his home, give him a warning to stay away from her. She usually has a tie-up with the cops. Depending on the level of his threat to the woman, they would either trash him, imprison him or let him off with a warning to not go anywhere close to the woman again. And he gets a permanent police record. 



* India is becoming a safer place for women, thanks to tough new laws (after the Nirbhaya incident). But still, women continue to be extra careful and don’t like to take a risk.