Get more customers by offering an INDIRECT service

A common mistake by beginners is to market themselves directly as gigolos. That does not get them many clients.

To get more clients you have to sell an indirect service. Example: A guy offering massage service can get more clients for his gigolo business than a guy who markets himself as just a gigolo.

Why does indirect work better than direct? Because of a woman’s fears. Most women are not comfortable calling a stranger over to her house or hotel room only for intimacy. She thinks…what if I don’t like him in person? If I reject him will he go away quietly or will he be offended? Will he abuse me or attack me? Will he force himself on me? Will he blackmail me?

That’s why most women don’t respond to ads offering gigolo service (the only people responding to those ads are men, who want to sign up as gigolos. Of course they end up losing their money).

Women want to first see, hear and feel a man before she decides if she wants to get physically intimate with him. She is more comfortable first meeting the man in a non-sexual situation and check him out without any obligation. If she likes him, she can take things forward to intimacy, but if she does not like him she can say goodbye with no hurt feelings.

Successful gigolos market themselves indirectly. They offer massage, escort service, hugging, spanking, tourist guide service, male stripper service, pedicure, even pussy shaving… and many other indirect services. A woman hires the guy for his indirect service, checks him out during his work, and then decides if she wants to get intimate with him or just pay for the service and say goodbye.

Here are some common indirect services you can offer…

Massage therapist : While you give her a massage, she checks out your look, your voice, your grooming, your smell, the way you touch her, speak to her, your confidence, your body language. After the massage session (or even in the middle) if she likes you, she lets you know and you both can get intimate. But if she does not like you sexually, she pays only for the massage and says goodbye without offence to you or embarrassment for her.

Escort service : While you are escorting her to dinner or to a play or a movie or to a tourist spot, she checks out your knowledge, your sense of humor, your fashion, your body language, your conversation skills, your grooming, even the way you speak to the waiter at a restaurant. And when you finally accompany her back to her hotel, if she likes you, she may ask you to join her upstairs in her room for a drink. Or she can just pay you in the lobby for your escort service and say goodbye, without discomfort for you or for her.

Pussy shaver :Many women want their pubic hair (hair between legs) shaven but are not comfortable doing it themselves and usually get it done at a beauty parlour. You can offer to do this. While you shave her pussy, she checks you out, the way you touch her, your confidence, your skill, and at the end of the shaving session, she decides if she wants you to join her in bed or to pay you for the shaving and say goodbye.

Hugger / Cuddler : Some men offer non-sexual hugging or cuddling service. Women hire the guy for just some warm hugs or cuddles, it makes them feel good, and are willing to pay for it. After the hug/cuddle, she decides if she wants to take it further and pay for extra service, or she pays just for the hugs and says goodbye.

Spanker : Some women love to have their butt spanked by a man, they find it arousing. After the spanking session, she could take it further or pay just for the spanking and say goodbye.

Male Stripper : Sometimes women hire a male stripper for their kitty party or bachelorette party, or even for her private viewing in her hotel room. If you have the confidence to do a strip tease in front of a group of girls, you could try this. You dance seductively, gradually remove your clothes, one by one, until you are barely wearing anything, After the party, the woman can decide if she (and/or her friends) want to spend some time with you in ‘private’, or just pay you for the striptease and say goodbye.

Personal pedicurist : A pedicurist does women’s basic foot care and nail maintenance. You can offer personal pedicure at her home or hotel room. After she checks out the way you touch and hold her, the way you speak, your confidence, sense of humor andother qualities, she can decide to take things forward or just pay you for the pedicure and say goodbye.


These are just a few examples, there are many more indirect services you can offer. Any service where you and the woman can spend time together in a non-sexual situation and give her a chance to check you out and reject you without embarrassment, is a good idea.

It does not matter how weird the service, as long as women find it useful, it’s good. Example: A company in Japan offers “weeping boys“, men who offer their shoulders for women to cry on in the privacy of a hotel room. After the woman is done crying, she can pay the man for his service and say goodbye, or if she prefers, take it further.

There’s also female psychology at play here. She thinks you are actually a tourist guide but that she seduced you. Women love to be the hunter. She enjoys the feeling that she ‘hunted’ the man. She is shikaari and man is shikaar. 😉

By the way, you need to offer indirect services only once to a new client. Once she is satisfied with you and knows that you are safe, the next time she hires you directly for your gigolo service, no need for indirect service. 😉

Sure, you can also market yourself directly as a “gigolo” and you will still get customers, but it’s a small chance of success. Most Indian women do not directly hire a gigolo.

Important: If you are offering an indirect service, you have to be very good at it. If you are offering massage, you have to be excellent at massage. If not, she will be turned off because she will see you as a fraud, and fraudsters are not attractive. Btw, you cannot fake this. Women can tell from your touch if you know massage or not, so better learn it well and become good at it. Do not pretend to be a massage therapist if you are not good at it. And DO NOT try to get physically intimate with her, just because she got naked for the massage. It will turn her off and she will see you as just another horny guy who she could’ve got anywhere for free. She may even scream for help and you could get arrested for molestation. Similarly, if you are going to be an escort, be informed about the coolest events in your city. If you’re going to be a tourist guide, be very well informed about the historical info about the place she is interested in. If you’re going to offer a hugging service, learn the fine points of a good hug and how to avoid common hugging mistakes. Spending just a couple of weeks learning these skills puts you far ahead of all the guys who just call themselves gigolo and wait for customers who never come. In future posts, I will explain how to learn the skills required for these indirect services, using just google.