Handsome weeping boys offer stressed-out Japanese women shoulder to cry on

TOKYO — Earlier this year, a Tokyo hotel announced that it was setting up crying rooms specifically for women to bawl their eyes out.

Now, it seems a new website is taking things one step further by offering a service with good-looking men for hire who will offer Japanese women a hunky shoulder to cry on — literally.

The website Ikemoso Danshi, which roughly means “handsome weeping boys”, opens for business today.

So if you are a stressed-out Japanese woman (sorry, guys, no word on whether there’s an equivalent service for you), you can take your pick from a roster of men who are purportedly trained to bring you to tears.

After all, there’s nothing more therapeutic than a good, ol’ weep every now and then, is there?

Apparently, the guys will even cry along with you in a show of empathy, after which they will wipe away your tears too. Judging from the pictures that are already up, the site aims to offer every romantic stereotype associated with sappy movies, from the broody bad boy to the sweet natured, boy-next-door… and the dentist? We suppose he is the one you can bring home to Mum.

According to UK’s Mirror, it costs ¥7,900 (RM290) to hire on of these knights armed with fluffy Kleenex.

Ikemoso Danshi is the brainchild of Hiroki Terai, according to The New Paper. He has reportedly made a fortune from the “tears” business. We kid you not. RocketNews24 reported that Terai also released a photography book of “crying hunks” — also called Ikemeso Danshi — earlier this year.

Talk about carving out a niche industry and making a success of it.

Source: Malaymail.com



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