The many stages at which a client can reject you

Even if a client contacts you for your gigolo service, she will not immediately get intimate with you. At first, she will keep her distance and check you out.

She will check out the way you communicate through email and text messages. She will check out the sound of your voice, the way you dress and smell, your physical appearance, your body language, your confidence, the sound of your voice, your sense of humor…right up to the way you touch, hold, hug and caress her.

Only when she has checked you out and feels aroused by you, will she go all the way. Otherwise she will say, “Nice meeting you, goodbye”.

Below are some of the many stages at which a client can reject you…

  1. She makes eye contact with you at a restaurant but you are afraid to hold eye contact, you look away…REJECTED!
  2. She visits your website/FB / Instagram page and gets turned off by the way you have presented your info…REJECTED!
  3. You respond to her email or text messages, she gets turned off by the tone of your messages…REJECTED!
  4. You talk to her on the phone, you sound too eager and desperate to meet her…REJECTED!
    (a gigolo always comes from a place of abundance)
  5. When you meet her, she may get turned off by your fashion, your grooming,  perfume, bad breath, body odour, yellow teeth or your dirty fingernails… REJECTED!
    (a gigolo always has excellent presentability)
  6. Even if you pass through all the above filters, and she invites you to her room or home, she may get turned off by your personality, your body language may not be confident and masculine enough……. REJECTED!
    (a gigolo always exudes masculine energy)
  7. You go out with her for dinner and you speak rudely to the waiter…..REJECTED!
  8. Your finger nail scratches her skin while caressing her…she is turned off….REJECTED!
  9. You are in too much of a hurry to transition from indirect service to seduction, which makes you appear to be sexually frustrated…REJECTED!
  10. Even if you both get physical, she could be turned off by the way you make love to her, the way you touch her, hold her, kiss her…..REJECTED!

She may pay you for your time because she does not want to offend you, but she won’t hire you again, which is the same as…REJECTED!

Remember: a woman can find a man anytime, anywhere. Even rich, good-looking men are desperate to be with a woman, and will happily pay for dinner, drinks, food, gifts, hotel room, they will even pay for a chauffeur-driven car to pick her up and drop her back at home.

Men will pay for everything to give a woman a great evening, even if she is ugly. So why would a woman pay a man? Think about that. 😉