Simple tests to detect a fake gigolo agency


Three simple tests. If an agency fails even one, they are fake.

Test 1: Do they demand money upfront? They should not.

Does the agency ask for money before they provide a client? Then they are fake. A genuine agency gets paid by the client (not by the gigolo) and the agency pays the gigolo after deducting their commission. Only when an agency provides you a client can they earn, if they get you zero clients they earn zero.

If an Indian agency asks you for money, here’s how you can have some fun. Tell them you will pay after they get you the client. When they say that’s not possible, ask why not? After hearing their lame excuse, offer them this deal. Tell them you will pay three times the commission, and they can deduct it from the money the client pays them. Now that’s an excellent offer, that only a fake agency will refuse. 😉


Test 2: Do they test drive candidates? They should.

Does the agency test your talents in bed before accepting your registration? If not, then they’re fake. Think about it. Women can get a man anytime anywhere for free. She will only pay if a man is guaranteed to be good in bed. And who provides this ‘guarantee’ ? The agency of course. And how can the agency know you are good in bed? By getting their female staff to take you for a test-drive, and approve/reject based on your performance. What happens if the agency sends un-tested or bad quality gigolos to the client? The client will not enjoy the experience and refuse to pay. Also, she will never hire the gigolo agency again and may tell all her friends that the agency is crappy, and soon the agency will be out of business. So, any agency that accepts registrations without testing candidates is fake!


Test 3: Do they accept virgin men? They should not.

Does the agency ask if you are virgin? If they don’t, they are fake. Women DO NOT want virgin men. Not even for free. 

Fake gigolo agencies will not refuse virgin men because 99% of their applicants are virgins. In fact, the reason most men want to be gigolos is just to get laid. They do not care about giving the woman a good time, and even if they care, they have no clue how to do it. Remember: women will never pay good money to clueless virgins or lousy lovers, she can find dozens of them in her own neighbourhood and she is not interested in any of them.

If you have the time for some fun, tell the agency guy “I am a virgin, I hope you will not refuse me membership because of that”. When he assures you that he won’t, ask him “Why would a woman pay money for a virgin guy like me when experienced guys are desperate to get inside her pants for free?!”

My guess is he will say, “women prefer virgins”, “girls like fresh maal” etc. etc.

Bullshit. 🙂 Only men prefer ‘fresh maal’ while seeking female partners. Women always, always, always seek experienced men.

If you have the time, continue interrogating and ask, “There are virgin men everywhere, why can’t she just pick one of those fresh maals for free? Why would she pay good money for a total stranger?”

He will hang up the phone on you. He can’t let intelligent guys waste his time, when there are idiot guys on call waiting. 😉

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