Can you guess what mistake this gigolo did?

This is a recent incident that happened with a young wannabe gigolo.

He was invited home by a wealthy woman who lived alone in a large bungalow with servants. She welcomed him, they had some wine, some chit-chat, then they got physically intimate. At the end of the session, she complimented him for his skills. She said she loved the way he pleasured her. She paid his professional fee and said goodbye. He did not hear from her again. He called her but she did not answer. After some time, she called him. They chatted for a few minutes. He asked if she would like him to come over. She said not right now, but she will hire him again when she next feels the desire. She hung up the phone. He never heard from her again. When he called her she did not answer. After some time he found that her number has been discontinued.

He wanted my advice on what went wrong. 

Btw, this is a common occurence, I hear about incidents like this from all over India. Can you guess what went wrong. Can you answer these questions.

  1. If she loved his skills, why did she not hire him again?
  2. Why did she call him for a phone chat if she had no intention to hire him?

Post your answers in the comment box below. Let me see how good you guys are.


(Update: Comments to this blog are now closed. I have read the comments and picked the ones that came close and the most accurate comment. Comments that came close I have highlighted in blue. The most accurate comment I have highlighted in green.)

Here are my answers to the two questions

57 Replies to “Can you guess what mistake this gigolo did?”

  1. She hire him for pleasure not for any relation he will understand meaning of hire. Hire means if she wants then only he can otherwise no relation from him

  2. Maybe she was scared that her servants might doubt his regular visits…. and that they might disclose this to any of the members in the house (especially her husband) or (kids)

  3. 1.  She may have felt performance was adequate but complemented his skills out of courtesy. 2.  See if he was available if the other person was not. 

  4. The young guy did hurry to be physical with her. For a physical relation she have a lot who are ready every time. She pay him for caring his profession and not want to create a seen. After that the guy call her, this thing harrased the lady. To get rid the calls she complimented & here also she showed she had no desire. But the guy again calling showed the bad sense of guy and she discountinued her no to get rid of him.

  5. Well Sir,I am a new person to all this.But I guess she was not totally satisfied by him.He is failed to use seductive words.After some time she called him because she tested him and want to hear something new which seduce her.So again he failed.Sir,I am also lack that and want to learn from you,.

  6. Well I think the guy should not have called up only. Secondly, before leaving he should create some curiocity which would force her to call again…probably this was missing. 

  7. She didn't want to remain in contact with him, mainly because of personal or marital reasons. Also, why this guy was chasing the women? It gives a wrong impression of the guy's professionalism. Was he intended upon having a long term  relationship with this women? This is totally uncalled for, speaking from a women's perspective. 

    Obviously no one would like to contact a gigolo on a daily basis. Gigolo is like some restaurant food. When one wants it one has it.

    Just like a restaurant never calls you up for having food again. A gigolo should wait for the customer and not turn into a pesky desperate sexual animal! 

  8. There may be 2 possiblities

    1st she might have found someone else to satisfy her needs.

    2nd she doesn't want to stick to 1 guy as she  has fear  of  getting caught and didn't want any risk..

  9. Actually women won't like guys keep on following them,  instead of doing their work.  It irritates her if he keep on calling. She may be scared of him.  This shows he is desperate and immature..

  10. 1. This gigolo is not have patience and all clients have own privacy.real gigolo is not call clients…clients are contacted for hire gigolo 2. Beacuse she lies.In india all womens have own privacy.why he callrd her when she said she will hire him again when she next feels the desire.

  11. I agree she might have liked the skills but being a professional he should not have tried to contact her again rather should have waited for her to contact him.  She chatted with him only to make him understand that she will contact herself when she will have desires.  But he portrayed himself as a desperate guy for women body

  12. I think when the guy called over and over she got a bit scared and called him up to calm him down and to make sure that his activities does not lead to her public shaming.

  13. there can be many possible scenarios.

    1. he kept calling her which usually no female likes. they only contact u when they need u, unnecesarily calls makes a person look as desperate and also as he has no other client to attend to. Ans may be thats why she was forced to change her number.

    2. She did not really have liked himand just complimented as msot women do and said him goodbye.

    3. he directly got intimated but did not actually make her feel special. Sex is not d only thing these rich women want.   About her calling him again was like she felt lonely and wanted to have a conversation but then she may have found him again to be pervert and she decided to close the chapter.

  14. She did not hire him agian bcos he kept calling her but she told him never come to agian but him force her come to again meet he phone calls and few chatted then she said right now him not right now come again then hrr phone hung up than not answer agian her then he  foud  her number him than discontinued..                                             2 answer is ,, becps  she said not right time now but she  meet him then calling her but she had no intention him meat after him calling her come to agian meet me but him calking chat nad force then her respect him give wine and enjoyed than him not good thing about her do bad .  

  15. he might have just skills. and alas the lady might not be just looking for intimacy, secrecy  and may be even he was too professional and just wanted to finish the JOB.

  16. Boy is calling again an again in gigolo service this is wrong. U hv to forget the women u meet.. women just checking the number who is he aftr chit chat she block his number..

  17. Hello, she hires him to reduce her pressure over sex desire, emotion and eagerness.  When it full-fill she want to forget him forever like nothing happen. If, she like the way how his full-fill sex desire it may be call him again in day, week, month and year or never. It is her choice to make sex pleasure outside of secure zone; we should have to respect her decision. Otherwise this profession became worse. None of them will create demand, but will not end. As I say earlier, She hire a gigolo to fill her desire, during the intercourse and play she found that she can chit-chat  over phone to fight with her loneliness or communication gap to discuss her feeling and emotion just it. Don’t be mislead she fall in love and offer for sex pleasure, If her continuous chit-chat over phone keeps it continuous, don’t take it otherwise. I can say it is the steps to make relationships not for sex, love bodyguard, or other; it is just for communication. Or maybe I am wrong it depends on her/his thoughts and attitude.

  18. 1. the customer may be looking for new person every time. it is not desirable for a gigolo to chase same customer for business. That option has to be with the customer. it cannot be push sale like street side hawker. 2. She attended call as a courtesy not for repeat business.

  19. Ans 1: She didn't hire him again though she loved his skills because 1. she had a fear that the boy was young and he didn't have much maturity and may fall in love with her and things may get worst or he won't be able to take it as professionally as it was seen that he was desperate enough to have the second physical contact with her eagerly which was seen from his regular phone calls 2. Though the boy's skill in sex was good but due to his young age he doesn't have that much of maturity to satisfy her mentally i.e. couldn't cope up with her level of thinking. In this case he should react professionally and shouldn't show his desperation of sex or money towards his clients and try to cope up with their level of thinking while having chat. Ans 2. She called him for a phone chat though she has no intention to hire him because she realized the immaturity of the boy phycologically and felt his desperation towards her and as a mature woman instead of neglecting him she called him to make him realize that she wanted only physical from him for a  particular period of time. She didn't has any other feeling for him and would call him when she would be wanting him again. Most of the women only want physical and do not want to enter in psychological relationship with their hired sex Partner. So the sex partner hired should always behave professionally and should not try to convert it to any type of phycological situation if the client don't want it.

  20. Well sir, according to the ladies phycology once she got satisfied with a guy she expect more from him but the guy should behave like a gentleman to maintain her relationship. But the guys who are going for the gigolo job they doing the same mistake that the customer should not go out from him. But the customers are likely seeing different gigolos as per there need. So the guy's mistake is oftenly called her for his income but the customer got irritated by the guy so she left .

  21. She hired him to pleasure and i thing he done very good his job thats why she was trying to make relation with him. 

  22. Hi,

    She does not like the professionalism of that gigolo. If she loves his skills she contact him definately. Everybody has his/her personnal life. If u irritate somebody that person will distracted.

    Even in this case that Gigolo irritate the client by calling and she just called him that after having words might be he will not bother him.

    These kind of persons are of very sick mentalaty. Its a kind of simple give n take profession but some people are very conservative and they create problrm for other gigolo too.


  23. She did not hire him because he was not as she was expecting him to be. May be he was directly getting into sex. May be he didn't foreplay with her, Talked with her, seduced her. May be he neglected her desires and fulfill his own desire. May be he was in too hurry.

    She made a call because she was thinking to give him a second chance but he was not able to convince her. So she ended up by changing her number.

  24. his mistake was he kept on calling her instead of waiting for her call , if she really liked his services she would hv called him but then his continuous calling sent wrong signals to the client. His behaviour was not proffesional. he should hv realised that he is been paid for his services and its clients decission whether to hire same gigolo again . lack of patience and no client likes pushy gigolo .

    its her needs he has to fulfill and get paid not the other way around so he has to wait till client calls him again or they recomend him to her friend 


  26. What she wanted was some attachment and someone who could be by her side during the lonely times.but the guy was only interested in getting intimate and nothing the woman was no more interested in the guy after the first encounter.

  27. Actually women don't like guys who keep on following them,  instead of doing their work.  It irritates her if he keep on calling. She may be scared of him.  This shows he is desperate and immature.

  28. By telling him that she would call again she kept an option open for the future. But when he kept pestering her with calls she just started ignoring.

    She phoned him to. Tell him to let him know that she will call when feeling like it , obviously he did not understand kept up the business development forcing her to block him off.

  29. its his mistake acted like immature /kept on disturbing her its really irritating /one has to do his or her work and keep on going if the client likes his  or her performance, may get a  call 

  30. The basics of being a gigolo is that we have to maintian professional relationship… there is no purpose of calling up a client unless she calls up or wants him to call up….. if she is satisfied with a gigolos performance and wishes to call him again she would….. using her phone number again n again scared her out of her wits …it is illmannered ..discreetion needs to be maintained with d client…. unever know he might have a spouse at home or someone close which could creat awkward situation ..and also displays the desperate need of the gigolo… rather than the other way around… love and affection will appeal more to the woman and her privacy needs to be respected  in this case it has become almost a case of staking 

  31. 1) As it was discrete relationship no lady wants to keep it going and afraid of society.since he was calling her she must have sensed danger of social issues .

    2) she called him as she wanted some fantasy that time for a while and post that she must have realised that this is not good for her social status as that guy is desperate.

    So the lessons learnt is never rush with lady and gain her trust.


  32. A mistake that we humans often make is to be persistent where we are not required to. Sometimes, it pays well to take the backseat and watch what is happening.


    In my opinion and experience, I think what really happened is that the woman wanted much more than just plain sex. Unlike men, who like to have only immense sexual pleasure and would pay a lot for it (if they could afford it), women prefer to have companionship too. Sex would account for, say, some 5-10%, but sex is the final cherry on top. Maybe the wannabe gigolo did not take that fact into account and simply proceeded to pleasure her sexually instead of giving her an all-round satisfaction (cuddling, romance, foreplay, listening, holding hands). Though the woman did appreciate him for his skills, that does not mean that she was satisfied with him. A gigolo is not a sex machine; he provides all-round satisfaction to his client and leaves a lasting impression on her/them.


    As for the phone call, she was basically testing his patience and self-control. When she called him, he asked her if she would like him to come over, which clearly highlights desperation. If he had not approached the topic, or skirted it tactfully, he might have scored some points with her and tempted her to ask him to come. She noticed that he was desperate to get into bed with her, but she was looking for a sign to convince herself that she was the one in need, not him.

    As the phrase "playing hard to get" goes, we as gigolos need to exercise self-restraint. Sadly, it's tough, but that's the stuff! Since the gigolo is new, he ended up making that mistake. He thought that to prolong his business, he needs to persist, but his trade actually calls for a different kind of persistence, a kind that is not obvious to the eye but is happening with full force in the background. 🙂

  33. 1. She loved his skills but because of our traditional indian it is not good for the married women to make physical intimate with other she didn't call him because he now call her thats make her being interrupted 2. She again called him because when a lady  make  physical intimation she sometimes attached her feelings i suggested that take it in professional way and not to attach feelings or emotions

  34. Because he was too desperate and kept on calling her again and again. She might have felt that he was trying to be "chipkoo" with her.

  35. Because he was getting into something else means he was geeting into love with that women. Which actually married women's don't like. They all want a relationship for a night or for few hours not for life and he was calling her again nd again which led to that she got frustrated with him

  36. What she wanted was some attachment and someone who could be by her side during the lonely times.but the guy was only interested in getting intimate and nothing the woman was no more interested in the guy after the first encounter
    And secondly he should have waited a while for her to call her instead of calling her repeatedly girls dont like guys who gets sticky.


    a gigolo must not call a client repeatedly on his own,,in fact this is against the basic law of gigolo that is a gigolo is hired by client whenever she feels and she can forget him at her own wish,,it may be the case that she felt pleasure but she is somehow uncomfortable/she is busy in her schedule,,reasons can be many and she called him again for just a formal gratitude,,thats all


  38. I think she met with a new and handsome guy with a handsome skills and she is not comfortable to meet this guy again. She want to try some other desirable man.

  39. I feel she would have called him again on her own. Nothing wrong if he called her back also.

    If she has found another person and is happier, she would block this gigolo's phone. She doesn't want him again till she decides to call. 

  40. The young guy did hurry to be physical with her. For a physical relation she have a lot who are ready every time. She pay him for caring his profession and not want to create a seen. After that the guy call her, this thing harrased the lady. To get rid of the calls she complimented & here also she showed she had no desire. But the guy again calling showed the bad sense of guy and she discountinued her no to get rid of him.

  41. 1. Actually she complimented his skills just formally. She didnt get what she was really expecting.

    2. After that he was becoming desperate about lady or money. And may be she was going to have bussy sechdule for few days. So she called him just to relax him because she dont want any unnecessarry scene, and she thought on other side he will also get time to be bussy with other client and by time everything get solve. But he remain desperate so at the end she dump all contact with him.   

  42. she just hire him for her pleasure, he must understand this. as an gigolo you have to take care that the client should not face any kind of difficulties by their friends, relatives, family members due to the gigolos faults. as she said that she was happy with his service that doent means that she will call him again and again. there maybe some problems with that client which she want to share with him; if she liked him. But that doesnt means that she want to hangout with him again its just a formal chat and maybe she just want to open her heart to someone and in this case she got gigolo…….dats it

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