I got more clients in the pandemic than I expected

Gigolos cannot work with social distancing 🙂

When Corona happened I cancelled and refunded all client appointments.

But I had no complaints, health was the #1 priority.

I forgot all about business and decided to enjoy the break. I binge-watched Netflix. I tried experimental cooking. I zoom-chatted with family, friends, and students. For fresh air, I went cycling.

Then I noticed something strange.

Before the pandemic, when I entered stores to buy groceries, I got looks of attraction from women (it’s because of a body language trick that anyone can learn). I talked to some of them, got their numbers, and proceeded to turn them into lovers and clients over the next few weeks.

This was before the virus turned the world upside down. There’s no way things would be the same now, I thought. Would she risk talking to strangers during a pandemic? No way, I thought. With my face hidden in a mask, how would she know if I was good-looking or ugly? No way, I thought. And how could we have a conversation with all the social distancing? No way.

I was sure women would be in no mood to connect during the pandemic.

I was wrong.

Now more women were looking at me, with more eagerness than before. And when I talked to them they share their phone numbers faster than before.

What was going on?? Why was it easier to connect with women during a pandemic?!

Gradually I realized what was going on. I understood why women are more eager for casual sex now than before. I shared this with my students a year back and helped them build their female contacts during the pandemic. I will now share this with the rest of my blog readers.

Watch out for my newsletter on Saturday (21 August, 2021) where I explain this in detail.

For now, I will only give you a hint, and let me see if you figure it out. See the pic below? That’s your hint.

Does that pic give you an idea about why it is easier to connect with women during a pandemic? Post your comment below and I will select the best answer.

Don’t miss my newsletter on Saturday. It will provide important tips to re-build your gigolo business as the world begins to open up again. In the post-pandemic world, women are more eager for casual sex than before. The gigolo business is going to take off.

He gets 8 clients a month…but there’s a problem

A guy contacted me recently, asking for help to improve his “gigolo business”.

He advertises in newspaper classifieds, offering service to women at their home or hotel room.

I asked him a few details. How many clients does he have currently, how much does he earn, how much more does he wish to earn, etc.

He gets about 8 clients a month but earns nothing because his service is free.

Free?! I know classified ads cost quite a bit, so how he could afford the ads?

He said he spends his own money. About INR 50,000 a month (approximately 700 USD) on the ads alone. In addition, if her house is not available for the meeting, he pays for the hotel room, and since women refuse go to cheap hotels, he spends a sizeable amount of money on fancy hotel rooms.

Suddenly I began to understand.

He calls himself gigolo but he is actually no different from men who pay sex workers, or the men who pay for dates.

He was spending money just to get intimate with women.

So how can I help you? I asked him, knowing well that I could not. What he needed to do was learn to be such a mindblowing lover that the women would be addicted to him, and pay for repeat experiences. Unfortunately there was a different kind of addiction at play here. The man was addicted to the false sense of validation of women desiring him.

“I can’t afford the cost of the ads and hotel rooms. I want to start getting paid for my service.”

Have you tried charging your clients? I asked, knowing what his answer was going to be.

“I have tried, but when I tell them on the phone that it will cost money, they don’t want to meet me.”

Can’t blame the women. When she can get men for free, why will they pay?

Men are waiting in queue to offer it for free. Her neighbour, his son, his son’s friends, her co-workers, her boss, her relatives, the courier boys, the Amazon guys, the Dominos guys, the UberEats guys, the guys on Tinder, shaadi.com, Facebook, AshleyMadison, match.com, plentyoffish, trulymadly….all these guys will happily do whatever she wants in bed, for free.

When she can pick from hundreds of men, for free, why would she ever pay?

But women do pay. They pay the man who is a specialist. The man who gives her such a stunning experience that she wants it again and again and again.

But merely calling yourself a specialist does not make you a specialist. Calling yourself a gigolo on the internet does not make you a gigolo.

You have to become an expert at the job.

If the guy in the above story was good at the job, the women would do whatever necessary to keep coming back to him. They would pay for his service and for the hotel room and give him gifts and wait for him to be available if he was busy.

I get lots of mails from guys who call themselves gigolos and they ask for help getting clients.

They say they have 10, 15, 20 clients but want more. When I question them in detail, their lies are exposed, they turn out to be just horny guys wanting to get laid. None of them have clients. Most of them are virgins, some of them just got lucky, some have a girlfriend (whose expenses they pay for), and the others have had no sexual experience except with sex workers. These guys have lost money to fake gigolo clubs, they have registered on free internet classified ads with fake gigolo profiles, and now they contact me with their fake stories. 🙂

It is liars like these that have given the word gigolo a bad name in India.

That’s why I will avoid mentioning the word gigolo in my training. If you want to get the only authentic gigolo training in the world, go to www.khiladitraining.com and subscribe for training announcements by adding your email address there.

Gigolo Training will be conducted here

Gigolo Training will be conducted here.


Why a new site?

Because Gigolo has become a bad word in India.

In the West, a gigolo is an expert, and gigolo clubs are trustworthy agencies that test candidates before accepting them. Not so in India. Here any inexperienced guy calls himself a ‘gigolo’. And Indian ‘Gigolo clubs’ are just a bunch of criminals who take your money and run.

The word Gigolo is fast getting associated with scams in India

Henceforth I will use the word Khiladi. It’s a word from India, the country that taught KamaSutra to the world. Sex as an art was first practiced in India.

Get trained as a professional Khiladi.


If you are serious about getting the most authentic gigolo training in the world, go to www.khiladitraining.com and subscribe for alerts. Training begins soon.

Why do woman pay when they get men for free? (answers to previous question)

Some time back I asked a question on this blog.

Why would women pay a man when there are so many desperate men available for free?

Here’s that blog post. I received many answers, some right, some wrong, some foolish. I have published a few on that page. I have responded to some of them, see my responses on that page, marked in turquoise.

The comment that came closest to being perfect is by Mitesh, his comment on that page is highlighted in yellow color



कुछ समय पहले मैंने एक सवाल किया था :

जब लाखों पुरुष सेक्स केलिए बेताब है और मुफ्त में सर्विस देने केलिए तैयार हैं, तो महिला पुरुष केलिए पैसे क्यों दे ?

कई बन्दों ने जवाब दिए, कुछ सही, कुछ गलत, कुछ बेवक़ूफ़. मैंने कुछ जवाब उस पेज पर प्रदर्शित किए हैं। कुछ पर मैंने टिपण्णी की, मेरी टिप्पणिया हरे रंग में हाईलाइट किये गए हैं.

सबसे सही जवाब है श्री मितेश का, उनके जवाब पीले रंग में हाइलाइट की गई है  



There are NO genuine gigolo clubs in India. Not a single one.

हिंदी अनुवाद

Sorry to break this to you but there are no genuine clubs in India. Every gigolo club in India is a fraud.

In the US and Europe, there are genuine gigolo clubs that women can visit and easily choose a man, confident that he has been tested for skills like etiquette, style, charm, intelligence, love-making skills and for being disease-free. Those clubs are professionally managed and they pass these tests.

But in India, every single club I have come across is a fraud. Indian ‘clubs’ are usually a couple of guys operating out of a small town, who have hired a girl to talk to callers. They target sexually frustrated virgin men on whatsapp and facebook, and promise them clients in exchange for a registration fee. As soon as they get your money they ignore all your calls. They are thieves. Even their website content is stolen, copy-pasted from my website or from foreign websites.

Indians cheat a lot. This is the unfortunate truth. You must have heard the case of Indian call centers cheating US tax payers. Here is a different case of cheating. Sadly, many Indians prefer to cheat rather than do the hard work of providing a quality service. Btw, if you complain to the police, these frauds do get caught. But most victims are too embarassed to complain and the police cannot take action without a complaint. That’s why fake gigolo agencies continue to thrive. Don’t get cheated. Save your money. 


The truth about gigolo clubs in India


Remember the 2 questions I asked in a blog post recently? Here are my answers.

My answers to the 2 questions

Recently I asked 2 questions in a blog post (read them first here)

Here are my answers.

1. If she loved his skills, why did she not hire him again?

The truth is, she did NOT love his skills. But she was afraid to tell him frankly because she knows men have fragile egos and can’t take rejection easily. And when he has seen her naked and knows her address, he is even more likely to think it’s his right to get intimate with her again, and to demand it.

The risk* is even greater for women living alone.

So she sent him off with compliments. She praised his skills and performance, she told him she will hire him again, she paid his fees and said a sweet good bye.

She had given him a test and he failed. She does this all the time. Calls guys over, tests them, pays their fees and says goodbye. She will keep doing it until she finds the man who truly knows how to please her.


When a guy finally passes her tests, she won’t let him go. She will hire him every day if he is available. If he is busy, she will wait patiently for him to be available (even though there are other guys willing to come over for free). Besides his fees, she will give him extra tips and gifts. She will do whatever it takes to keep him because she knows a good gigolo is hard to find.


So what did this guy do wrong?

I cannot say for sure because I did not see him perform, and I can’t get feedback from the woman. So I can only guess.

It could be one of many reasons.

  • Maybe he was in too much awe of her. He must have looked at her like she was a memsaab and he her servant.
    Women hate that look from a man, it kills all her attraction. Women want the opposite look, she wants him to look at her like he is boss and she is servant.
  • Maybe he had poor personal hygiene. Bad breath, body odour, nose hair, dirty fingernails, yellow teeth…
  • Maybe he looked nervous because he felt overwhelmed in her luxurious home because he thought yeh meri aukaat ke bahar hai (she’s out of my league).
    Btw, if you ever feel out of place in a luxurious house or in a 5-star hotel room, you have to pretend as if you live in an even nicer house. It’s all in the body language. At first you are pretending, but after servicing a few clients THIS is the natural life for you, luxurious rooms become your workplace, THIS is where I spend most of my time and so will you.
  • Maybe he had too much of the free wine and got drunk and became sleepy and could not provide good service. This used to happen to me at the beginning, so watch out, you have to be fully focussed, this is WORK, she is paying you for a service, not for fun.
  • Maybe, after the chatting, when it was time to make the move, he was afraid and kept hesitating, waiting for her permission, and finally, she was forced to make the move herself and get physical with him just to end the awkwardness.
    Women hate it when a man won’t make the move. If she is forced to make the move and get physical with him, she almost always loses attraction for him and will not want to see him again.
  • Maybe he had weak body language which turned her off.
  • She was a couple years older than him, so maybe he treated her like he treats his elders. LOL!
    Women want their lover to behave bold and confident, even if she is older than him.
  • Maybe he was not skilled at lovemaking.


Maybe this, maybe that, maybe something else…I don’t really know. I asked him for the possible reason, but he was clueless himself.

Whatever the reason, if he had projected masculine energy and given her multiple orgasms, all his mistakes would have been forgiven. Sab kuch maaf.

Btw here are some more reasons why clients usually reject gigolos.

But the guy does deserve credit. He got invited over to the house of a wealthy client and got paid. Very few guys can do that.


My second question was….


2. Why did she call him on the phone if she had no intention to hire him?

After the meeting, he called her several times but she did not answer.

Men usually feel rejected when this happens. Cool guys take such rejections sportingly and move on, but the loser-types start planning revenge or blackmail. Scary.

Experienced women know this weakness of men. After seeing his missed calls she was concerned that he may start plotting revenge, and she feared for her safety. That’s why she called him. To check if he is ok or angry. During the conversation she found he was ok. She probably calmed him down some more by saying she liked him but cannot hire him for a while because her husband is in town. After the phone call she threw away the simcard forever, it is a small price to pay to get rid of a needy guy.


Btw, during the phone call, if she had found he was angry or threatening, she would have called the cops who would pick him up from his home, give him a warning to stay away from her. She usually has a tie-up with the cops. Depending on the level of his threat to the woman, they would either trash him, imprison him or let him off with a warning to not go anywhere close to the woman again. And he gets a permanent police record. 



* India is becoming a safer place for women, thanks to tough new laws (after the Nirbhaya incident). But still, women continue to be extra careful and don’t like to take a risk.


Can you guess what mistake this gigolo did?

This is a recent incident that happened with a young wannabe gigolo.

He was invited home by a wealthy woman who lived alone in a large bungalow with servants. She welcomed him, they had some wine, some chit-chat, then they got physically intimate. At the end of the session, she complimented him for his skills. She said she loved the way he pleasured her. She paid his professional fee and said goodbye. He did not hear from her again. He called her but she did not answer. After some time, she called him. They chatted for a few minutes. He asked if she would like him to come over. She said not right now, but she will hire him again when she next feels the desire. She hung up the phone. He never heard from her again. When he called her she did not answer. After some time he found that her number has been discontinued.

He wanted my advice on what went wrong. 

Btw, this is a common occurence, I hear about incidents like this from all over India. Can you guess what went wrong. Can you answer these questions.

  1. If she loved his skills, why did she not hire him again?
  2. Why did she call him for a phone chat if she had no intention to hire him?

Post your answers in the comment box below. Let me see how good you guys are.


(Update: Comments to this blog are now closed. I have read the comments and picked the ones that came close and the most accurate comment. Comments that came close I have highlighted in blue. The most accurate comment I have highlighted in green.)

Here are my answers to the two questions

What to do when the client is not pretty

It will happen to you sooner or later. You arrive at the hotel room and find she is not the perfect beauty. She’s too fat, too old, too ugly or just someone you are not attracted to.

Sure, you can say “No thank you” and walk away (don’t worry, women can handle rejections better than men) but that can be awkward for both of you.

That’s why offering an indirect service makes it easy to decline her. After you have done massaging her, or shaving her pussy or showing her around the tourist spot, if you do NOT want to get intimate with her, simply accept payment for the indirect service, say “Thank you” and leave. If she asks you to stay back for a drink, or invites you to her room, politely say “I wish I could, but I have another appointment in 15 minutes”, and leave. No hard feelings. At least you got some practice with the indirect service and got paid for it. 😉

P.S. Btw, don’t be in a hurry to reject clients who look ordinary. Some of them have amazing figures, which you can’t see unless you both get nak*d. Also, in my experience, women who look ordinary tend to be more exciting in bed (they know they are not great in the looks department, and try to compensate by being more passionate in bed).


The many stages at which a client can reject you

Even if a client contacts you for your gigolo service, she will not immediately get intimate with you. At first, she will keep her distance and check you out.

She will check out the way you communicate through email and text messages. She will check out the sound of your voice, the way you dress and smell, your physical appearance, your body language, your confidence, the sound of your voice, your sense of humor…right up to the way you touch, hold, hug and caress her.

Only when she has checked you out and feels aroused by you, will she go all the way. Otherwise she will say, “Nice meeting you, goodbye”.

Below are some of the many stages at which a client can reject you…

  1. She makes eye contact with you at a restaurant but you are afraid to hold eye contact, you look away…REJECTED!
  2. She visits your website/FB / Instagram page and gets turned off by the way you have presented your info…REJECTED!
  3. You respond to her email or text messages, she gets turned off by the tone of your messages…REJECTED!
  4. You talk to her on the phone, you sound too eager and desperate to meet her…REJECTED!
    (a gigolo always comes from a place of abundance)
  5. When you meet her, she may get turned off by your fashion, your grooming,  perfume, bad breath, body odour, yellow teeth or your dirty fingernails… REJECTED!
    (a gigolo always has excellent presentability)
  6. Even if you pass through all the above filters, and she invites you to her room or home, she may get turned off by your personality, your body language may not be confident and masculine enough……. REJECTED!
    (a gigolo always exudes masculine energy)
  7. You go out with her for dinner and you speak rudely to the waiter…..REJECTED!
  8. Your finger nail scratches her skin while caressing her…she is turned off….REJECTED!
  9. You are in too much of a hurry to transition from indirect service to seduction, which makes you appear to be sexually frustrated…REJECTED!
  10. Even if you both get physical, she could be turned off by the way you make love to her, the way you touch her, hold her, kiss her…..REJECTED!

She may pay you for your time because she does not want to offend you, but she won’t hire you again, which is the same as…REJECTED!

Remember: a woman can find a man anytime, anywhere. Even rich, good-looking men are desperate to be with a woman, and will happily pay for dinner, drinks, food, gifts, hotel room, they will even pay for a chauffeur-driven car to pick her up and drop her back at home.

Men will pay for everything to give a woman a great evening, even if she is ugly. So why would a woman pay a man? Think about that. 😉



Get more customers by offering an INDIRECT service

A common mistake by beginners is to market themselves directly as gigolos. That does not get them many clients.

To get more clients you have to sell an indirect service. Example: A guy offering massage service can get more clients for his gigolo business than a guy who markets himself as just a gigolo.

Why does indirect work better than direct? Because of a woman’s fears. Most women are not comfortable calling a stranger over to her house or hotel room only for intimacy. She thinks…what if I don’t like him in person? If I reject him will he go away quietly or will he be offended? Will he abuse me or attack me? Will he force himself on me? Will he blackmail me?

That’s why most women don’t respond to ads offering gigolo service (the only people responding to those ads are men, who want to sign up as gigolos. Of course they end up losing their money).

Women want to first see, hear and feel a man before she decides if she wants to get physically intimate with him. She is more comfortable first meeting the man in a non-sexual situation and check him out without any obligation. If she likes him, she can take things forward to intimacy, but if she does not like him she can say goodbye with no hurt feelings.

Successful gigolos market themselves indirectly. They offer massage, escort service, hugging, spanking, tourist guide service, male stripper service, pedicure, even pussy shaving… and many other indirect services. A woman hires the guy for his indirect service, checks him out during his work, and then decides if she wants to get intimate with him or just pay for the service and say goodbye.

Here are some common indirect services you can offer…

Massage therapist : While you give her a massage, she checks out your look, your voice, your grooming, your smell, the way you touch her, speak to her, your confidence, your body language. After the massage session (or even in the middle) if she likes you, she lets you know and you both can get intimate. But if she does not like you sexually, she pays only for the massage and says goodbye without offence to you or embarrassment for her.

Escort service : While you are escorting her to dinner or to a play or a movie or to a tourist spot, she checks out your knowledge, your sense of humor, your fashion, your body language, your conversation skills, your grooming, even the way you speak to the waiter at a restaurant. And when you finally accompany her back to her hotel, if she likes you, she may ask you to join her upstairs in her room for a drink. Or she can just pay you in the lobby for your escort service and say goodbye, without discomfort for you or for her.

Pussy shaver :Many women want their pubic hair (hair between legs) shaven but are not comfortable doing it themselves and usually get it done at a beauty parlour. You can offer to do this. While you shave her pussy, she checks you out, the way you touch her, your confidence, your skill, and at the end of the shaving session, she decides if she wants you to join her in bed or to pay you for the shaving and say goodbye.

Hugger / Cuddler : Some men offer non-sexual hugging or cuddling service. Women hire the guy for just some warm hugs or cuddles, it makes them feel good, and are willing to pay for it. After the hug/cuddle, she decides if she wants to take it further and pay for extra service, or she pays just for the hugs and says goodbye.

Spanker : Some women love to have their butt spanked by a man, they find it arousing. After the spanking session, she could take it further or pay just for the spanking and say goodbye.

Male Stripper : Sometimes women hire a male stripper for their kitty party or bachelorette party, or even for her private viewing in her hotel room. If you have the confidence to do a strip tease in front of a group of girls, you could try this. You dance seductively, gradually remove your clothes, one by one, until you are barely wearing anything, After the party, the woman can decide if she (and/or her friends) want to spend some time with you in ‘private’, or just pay you for the striptease and say goodbye.

Personal pedicurist : A pedicurist does women’s basic foot care and nail maintenance. You can offer personal pedicure at her home or hotel room. After she checks out the way you touch and hold her, the way you speak, your confidence, sense of humor andother qualities, she can decide to take things forward or just pay you for the pedicure and say goodbye.


These are just a few examples, there are many more indirect services you can offer. Any service where you and the woman can spend time together in a non-sexual situation and give her a chance to check you out and reject you without embarrassment, is a good idea.

It does not matter how weird the service, as long as women find it useful, it’s good. Example: A company in Japan offers “weeping boys“, men who offer their shoulders for women to cry on in the privacy of a hotel room. After the woman is done crying, she can pay the man for his service and say goodbye, or if she prefers, take it further.

There’s also female psychology at play here. She thinks you are actually a tourist guide but that she seduced you. Women love to be the hunter. She enjoys the feeling that she ‘hunted’ the man. She is shikaari and man is shikaar. 😉

By the way, you need to offer indirect services only once to a new client. Once she is satisfied with you and knows that you are safe, the next time she hires you directly for your gigolo service, no need for indirect service. 😉

Sure, you can also market yourself directly as a “gigolo” and you will still get customers, but it’s a small chance of success. Most Indian women do not directly hire a gigolo.

Important: If you are offering an indirect service, you have to be very good at it. If you are offering massage, you have to be excellent at massage. If not, she will be turned off because she will see you as a fraud, and fraudsters are not attractive. Btw, you cannot fake this. Women can tell from your touch if you know massage or not, so better learn it well and become good at it. Do not pretend to be a massage therapist if you are not good at it. And DO NOT try to get physically intimate with her, just because she got naked for the massage. It will turn her off and she will see you as just another horny guy who she could’ve got anywhere for free. She may even scream for help and you could get arrested for molestation. Similarly, if you are going to be an escort, be informed about the coolest events in your city. If you’re going to be a tourist guide, be very well informed about the historical info about the place she is interested in. If you’re going to offer a hugging service, learn the fine points of a good hug and how to avoid common hugging mistakes. Spending just a couple of weeks learning these skills puts you far ahead of all the guys who just call themselves gigolo and wait for customers who never come. In future posts, I will explain how to learn the skills required for these indirect services, using just google.

The truth about gigolo clubs in India

Here’s another story a guy sent me recently (English translation below)

Please upload my story on this blog, this is my personal true and correct story. में आज पहली बार अपनी कहानी यहाँ पर पोस्ट कर रहा हु, में राजकोट (गुजरात) से हु, राजकोट वैसे तो रंगीला सहर कहा जाता हे, मगर फिर हाल बिज़नेस मई लगातार दो साल से मंदी का माहोल बना हुआ हे, इसके चलते महीने की तनखा से घर का खर्चा चलना बहुत मुस्किल हो रहा हे,  दोस्तों के साथ आपस में गप्पे लड़ते समय एक दोस्त ने मज़ाक में यह गाइडेंस दिया की क्यों ना तू जिगोलो जॉब ज्वाइन करले, इस से तेरी समस्या भी कम हो जाएगी और पैसे भी मिलेंगे, आज काल इंटरनेट और न्यूज़ पेपर में  इसका विज्ञापन बहोत आ रहा हे, मुज़े उसकी बात सच्ची लगी, और इंटरनेट के माध्यम से मैंने ज्वाइन करना उचित समजा क्युकी, न्यूज़ पेपर वाला कदाचित परिचित निकला तो क्या होगा ये सोचकर ही इंटरनेट के माध्यम से एक एजेंसी में अपना मेल आई दी दर्ज  किया, एक या दो घंटे बीते होंगे की उसका फ़ोन आया, जोइनिंग करने के लिए उसने मेरा फोटो आई दी, एक फोटो और एड्रेस का प्रूफ लिया और कहा की आपको जोइनिंग करने के लिए डिपाजिट रकम पेय करना पड़ेगा उसके बाद आपका काम हमारे ज़रिये चालु ही जाएगा,  मैंने आपने  दोस्त (जिसने मुज़े यह सुजाव दिया था) के पास से मैंने डिपाजिट की रकम का इंतज़ाम किया और  डिपाजिट की रकम पय करदी, और चैन की सास ली की चलो अब एक दो दिन के बाद काम चालू हो जायेगा और पैसे की कमी में थोड़ी तो राहत तो मिलेगी, पर मेरे अंदाजा गलत निकला, पहले तो वह  आदमी और पैसे मांगने लगा और उसके बाद अब तो वह फोन भी नहीं उठाता और कोई जवाब भी नहीं देता, फ़ोन करते करते अब में और परेशान हो गया हु, वह नहीं तो पैसे लौटा रहा हे और, नहीं कोई जवाब दे रहा हे, ऊपर से इस पैसो की महामारी में दोस्त का कर्ज़ा कर दिया सो अलग.

इसलिए दोस्तों मेरी आपसे यह गुजारिश हे, की अगर आप जिगोलो एजेंसी को ज्वाइन करो तो सोच समज़कर करना क्युकी आपकी हालत भी मेरे जैसी न हो. इस लिए मैंने जिस एजेंसी का संपर्क किया था उसका लिंक यहाँ पे पोस्ट कर रहा हु,
http://xxxxxxxxxxx/MaleEscorts/gigolos-jobs-male-escorts-call-boys-surat-rajkot-agency/xxxxxxxxx (नाम : विकास आहूजा) Mob.No. : O7O9xxxxxxx
क्युकी आप भी मेरी तरह उल्लू ना बने, ये बात अगर किसी को अफवाह लगती हे तो मेरे पास डिपाजिट की बैंक रसीद हे, जो मई दिखा सकता हु.

और मेरा इस ब्लॉग के कर्ता को निवेदन करता हु की मेरी यह पोस्ट ज़रूर लोगो तक पहुचाये ताकि मेरे जैसे कोई उल्लू ना बने .


Thanks & Regards
Name : xxxxxxxxxx
City   : Rajkot
State : Gujarat


Here’s the English translation :

I had financial problems with my business, I had no money to even run my home. One day while I was sharing my problems with a group of friends, one of them suggested I could try to earn some money as a gigolo. He said he has seen lots of ads in the newspapers and the internet but has never tried them. I decided to try it. I wrote to one of the agencies. Soon a man called from the agency and asked for my photo ID and address proof. I gave him the info. Then he called me and asked me to deposit money before he starts sending me contacts of women so that I can start earning money. I could not afford the amount he asked so I borrowed money from my friend and deposited the money. But I did not receive any contacts. When I called him he asked for more money. Finally, when I told him I cannot pay any more money, he stopped answering my calls. Now, in addition to my previous financial problems, I have to return the money I borrowed from my friend. So dear friends, think carefully before joining a gigolo agency or you’ll fall into the same trap as I did.


(Website and phone number of the alleged cheat has been masked by gigolotraining.com to give benefit of doubt, since we cannot confirm the story. Btw, this is one of the hundreds of stories I have received about fake gigolo agencies.)


So what lessons can we learn from this?

Lesson 1 : Gigolo clubs in India are a scam. They don’t have any clients.

Think about it. If you are a rich woman with money to spend on a gigolo, why would you go through a gigolo club? What benefit is the club providing you? Does the club do a quality check to keep out sleazy guys so that only decent guys come to your hotel room? Nope, they will accept ANY guy who pays them the money (even guys with a criminal background). Does the club only accepts handsome guys? Nope, they will accept any guy, even dirty, ugly, smelly, badly dressed guys who make the payment. Does the club check if the guy knows how to satisfy a woman in bed? Nope, they will accept any man, even a virgin guy who has never ever kissed a woman before.

They will even accept this guy. 🙂

Think about it. If this ugly guy manages to borrow some money and deposits it in the club’s account, he becomes a gigolo?!  And he will get contacts of high-class, wealthy women? And he can go to the woman’s house or hotel room and she will open the door and welcome him in? And kiss his sexy mouth? 🙂

Just because he has paid the club?

Do you see how ridiculous that is?

Seriously now, think about it.

Why would a rich, high-class woman go through a gigolo club if it provides no benefit to her? Rich women are not stupid, they are smart. 


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Lesson 2 : Gigolo clubs are in business because their victims don’t complain

If you purchase an airline ticket from a travel agency but find that the airline has no seat reserved in your name, you will demand your money back from the travel agency, and if they refuse to answer your calls, you will make a police complaint. Right?

When guys pay money to a gigolo club for contacts of women and they don’t send them any contacts, guys should demand their money back, right? They don’t. They are afraid to go to the police because they feel this is an illegal racket. And that is how these fake agencies survive because they know that most guys don’t have the courage to make a police complaint.


Lesson 3 : Some gigolo clubs do send you contacts of women, but not the kind of women you expected

Some gigolo clubs will send you contacts of women after you make the payment. But do you know what kind of women? S*x workers. 🙂 These women will tell you on the phone “I got your number from the gigolo club. I will meet you, but I want you to give me a gift”. If you just wanted a s*x worker, you could have got her anywhere, why did you have to pay a gigolo agency? 🙂 Let me put just a little more salt on your wounds. The club guy took a commission from the s*x worker before he give her your number. You become the bakra for both parties. Sorry, but that’s the truth about gigolo clubs.


Beware of a new kind of scam

A guy wrote to me recently about a new kind of gigolo club scam. The club will say they don’t want any money in advance, but will only charge a commission when they send you an actual customer. Registration is 100% free. They ask for your details, name, photo ID etc. but they don’t demand money! You are happy that they work on commission basis. Then one day they call and say, “Congratulations, we have got you your first customer. She will pay you Rs.30,000. Our commission is 50% for first customer, 30% for second customer and 10% for all future customers. Please deposit 50% ie. Rs.15,000 in our bank account and we will send you the contact. Please do it asap, she is in a hurry, if you don’t pay in the next 2 hours, we will send her to another gigolo. You beg, borrow, steal and make the payment. And you don’t hear from the guys again. They also stop answering your phone calls. Same old story.


Don’t say you were not warned.

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