6 questions every gigolo must answer (# 1. The SEDUCTION question)

 icon-quote-left The SEDUCTION question:
Can you help a woman experience multiple orgasms ?  icon-quote-right 

There is a misconception among guys. They think being a gigolo is about talking to lonely women, hugging and cuddling them, and making them feel loved while their husbands are away on business tours. Wrong.

Women who hire gigolos are very clearThey want passionate action, not just talking/cuddling/hugging.

Can you provide passionate action?

Now please don’t send me mails about how big your pen*s is and how long it stays hard. This is not just about intercourse. This is about the whole experience from start to finish.

Can you transition smoothly from indirect service to seduction or will you do it in a rush because you’re in a hurry to get laid? Or will it be the opposite, will you be so scared to transition that you never get to seduction at all !

Can you touch her in a way that does not make her uncomfortable, but instead makes her crave for more touch? (Tip: Don’t directly touch her private parts, do it with some delay. Example: While fondling breasts, don’t directly grab her breasts. First stay away from her breast, fondle ‘around’ breasts, take your time, don’t be in hurry to touch her breasts. More you delay getting to the breasts, more she’ll crave for you to go there).

Can you make her whole body tingle with deep pleasure and not just her erogenous zones?

Are you a good kisser?

Do you know how to use fingers to reach spots that a pen*s can never reach? Do you know the different ways to move your fingers to caress spots inside her that she did not even know existed?

Do you know how to use a combination of fingers and palm to give her the deepest orgasms she would have ever experienced.

Do you know how to use your tongue?

Do you know the exact steps to help her experience multiple orgasms whenever she desires?

Do you know the psychological blocks that make it difficult for a woman to experience orgasm? Do you know what to say and do, to help her get around those blocks and experience full-blown orgasms?

Just nodding Yes as you read this, will not do. Telling me you’ve had 8 girlfriends will not do. Saying that you have been married for 10 years will not do. Question is: do you know how to do it? Have you done it for women? Did they love it? Did they love it so much that they are calling you for more, and you don’t have the time to see them all? And if they are not calling you, why not?

If you know the art of seducing a woman and giving her multiple orgasms she will be addicted to you. If you are too busy to see her, she will wait for you to get free, even though there are hundreds of gigolos offering their services for free on the net and are available immediately. 😉


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