Surprising her is good for your business

If you do a good job, you will find some clients will hire you repeatedly (one client wants me to see her every day!).

Now this seems like good news at first, but it can also be bad news. You could lose her business if you’re not careful. If you do the same thing every time you see her, you could become predictable, she could get bored, and she may look elsewhere for variety. You could lose her business, sometimes permanently.

That’s why the smart gigolo will not repeat himself. He will keep things changing every time. He will keep her guessing about what will happen next.

Change the way you dress. Change your perfume. Change the way you pleasure her. If you wear fashion accessories (I suggest you do) keep changing them. Change the way you talk to her. It’s fun for her. And fun for you.

Note : This is not so important when you see a client for the first few times. But when a client hires you repeatedly (which is the best kind of client to have) just make sure she doesn’t get bored and you are assured of good money and she, a good time. 🙂