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Women have no difficulty finding a lover. She can always meet an attractive relative, sabzi-wala, friend, cook, colleague, gym instructor, watchman, classmate, dhobi, yoga teacher, pedicurist... And now that she has Whatsapp, Tinder, Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram on her phone, she can swipe through thousands of men from all over the world. Did you know that the majority of Indian women on Tinder avoid Indian men? They prefer White expat males who are willing to pay for the date, dinner, and 5-Star hotel room. White men are also more romantic than Indian men. And because her phone is password protected, even her partner is unaware of the men she is seeing. Question: Why would a woman pay for a man if she can find any man, at any time, for free? Answer: She would pay if the man is a specialised lover who gives her what other men cannot. So, do you consider yourself a specialised lover or just another horny guy?

The many stages at which a client can reject you

She could reject you when she reads your email, or your sms, or after your phone conversation or when she visits your website or when she sees you at the hotel or...

Get more customers by offering an “indirect” service

A common mistake by beginners is to market themselves as 'gigolos'. That does not get them many clients. To get more clients you have to sell an indirect service...

Why women pay when they can get any man for free

There are lonely, desperate, single men in every city who will be with any woman for free. So why do women still pay a man? I asked this question to guys and selected the best answer.

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