Keep this in mind while transitioning to seduction

If a first-time client hires you for your indirect service, keep this important point in mind :  while transitioning to seduction, always involve the client.

Example : While massaging her breasts, I will say “You have beautiful breasts” while continuing to massage her. After a minute I will say again “your breasts…are awesome”. Then I will take deep loud breaths as if I am getting aroused and cannot control myself, and then I will say “Can I kiss your breasts just for a minute?” while continuing to massage them.

She will usually say Yes, and now we are in seduction mode*.

But, but, but….if she says NO, that’s fine too, I will continue the massage without showing any disappointment. And I will NOT ask her again, I will NOT compliment her breasts again, I will NOT breathe heavy again to show I am aroused. No means no. You have to respect her wishes (or you could go to jail!). I will now forget seduction and focus only on giving her a great massage. If she changes her mind later, and signals me to seduce her, I will. But if she does not, no problem, I give her a great massage, collect my fee for the massage and leave.

If I am shaving her pussy, I will say “Your pussy is just so beautiful” I will repeat it after a few minutes and then say, “After the shaving, can I kiss your pussy for a bit?” And if she says No, that’s ok. I will focus on the shaving without showing any disappointment.

If I am giving her a pedicure, I will say “Your feet are so beautiful” and after some time, I will say “Can I suck your toes for a bit?”. If she says No, that’s ok, I will focus on the pedicure.

Why is it important to get the client’s permission for seduction? 3 reasons.

  1. Even though you have shown your masculine energy by initiating seduction, yet by asking her permission, you have put her in charge, you have put her in control.
  2. When a woman is in control of whether or not she wants to turn the interaction physical, that is more arousing for a woman.
  3. It avoids awkward moments. For instance, if she never had an intention of getting physical, at least now you know. Or if she is not attracted to you and does not want to get physical with you, this is a convenient way for her to decline.

* Btw, even if she lets you kiss her in the middle of your indirect service, do not stop your service to get full-on sexual with her. That could turn her off. She may think that you’re desperate and sexually frustrated, which is not attractive to a woman. Kiss her breasts (or suck her toes) only for about 30 seconds and then GET BACK to the massage or the pedicure. This shows that you have self-control which is very attractive to women, it heightens her arousal, it makes her desire you even more, and by the time your service is done, she can’t wait for you to get intimate. I have made this mistake in the past, when a client gave me permission to kiss her breasts, I got carried away and kissed her breasts, neck, face, mouth…and finally had s*x with her. She did not like it. At the end of the session when I asked for feedback, she said “You said you’ll kiss my breasts for just a bit, but you got carried away.” She felt cheated, she felt that she did not get her money’s worth of massage. She did not hire me again. 🙁 But sometimes a client will want to be seduced so bad that she absolutely insists that you stop the service and get physically intimate immediately. In that case, sure, go ahead, after all a client’s wish is your command. 🙂