Can virgin men be gigolos? And other common questions…

  • Can virgin men be gigolos? 
    No. A gigolo is hired for his knowledge of how to give a woman mindblowing pleasure. Virgin men can’t do that.

  • Can turbaned Sikhs be gigolos?
    Difficult. The Sikh’s turban is a religious symbol and most religions don’t approve of casual s*x. Men wearing any kind of religious symbol (even religious threads tied around their wrist or neck, or teeka on their forehead) come across as orthodox in their thinking, which makes women uncomfortable because they feel they’re going to be judged.

  • Can an ugly guy be a gigolo?
    Depends. If you are so ugly that you have serious physical deformities that make you look like a character from a horror movie, then you have no chance. But if you look like an ordinary aam-admi, then the answer is Yes, any man can learn to be a gigolo with good fashion and body language.

  • Can a guy with a small pen*s be a gigolo?
    Yes. Even a guy with NO PEN*S can be a gigolo if he knows what to do with his hands. Any man can be trained for it.

  • Can older men be gigolos?
    Yes. I have trained men from 18 years to 62 years of age.

  • Can poor men be gigolos?
    Yes and No.
    Yes — If you are poor but love women and enjoy giving them pleasure, you can be a successful gigolo and earn good money.
    No — If you are poor and want to be a gigolo only to make money but don’t enjoy pleasuring* women, then you will fail as a gigolo.

    *Btw pleasuring does not mean whipping out your di*k and putting it inside her. Any idiot can do that. That’s just 0.1% of the process. The remaining 99.9% is an art, and like all art, it is hard work.


  • Can unemployed men be gigolos?
    No. Women like confident men and the man who does not have the ability to find a job and be good at it, cannot be confident. His body language, speech and facial expressions is usually that of a loser. Even a hard-working sabzi-wala wearing a modest lungi has a better chance to be invited by a woman into her house than a jobless guy wearing fashionable clothes. All my students who have succeeded as gigolos were already well employed. Note: If you are unemployed, please don’t take my training, it will be a waste of your time and money.