When you want to turn a client into a lover

The clients that you like being with, you can give them more frequent appointments. And the clients you don’t like too much, you can say sorry, all my slots are taken.

You choose the clients you want, they’re happy, you’re happy. Life is good. 🙂

But sometimes, even though you like being with a client, she stops hiring you, for one of many reasons. Either she was simply curious about gigolos and now her curiosity is satisfied and she is moving on. Or, she cannot afford your fees to hire you more often. Or she feels uncomfortable paying for such a service, because she is looking for a man who will be with her unconditionally.

There will be many clients who hire you a few times and then discontinue. My experience is that once a woman stops hiring you, she usually does not come back.

The choice is yours. You can let them go. More will come in their place. Or, if you enjoyed being with any of them, you can offer to see them for no charge.

Let her know that you’re missing her. Be specific about the body part that you’re missing the most. Her butt, breasts, clitoris, neck, the taste of her vaginal juices, her ears…whatever. Send her an email…

Subject : Missing your [body part]

Email body : Missing your [body part] like crazy. I want to to come over and chew up your [body part] into a royal mess and go away. And I am doing this for my pleasure, not yours. So there will be no charge. I have a slot free Thursday 7pm. Works for you?

For a woman who knows that you charge money for your services, it’s flattering to hear that you want to be with her, for herself. She realizes that you value her more than money and women love that.

Whenever I do this, the women have always been delighted.

Of course, I can’t ever charge them money again, but no problem, look at the benefits I get:

  • She’s a woman I love having sex with (it’s rare to find such a woman anyway!)
  • She feels obliged that I am giving her my valuable time
  • She has a meeting place* or will organize one


* If she could afford to hire you once, she usually has a place of her own or can afford a good hotel room. There are many successful, professional working women who have their own apartments or, if they’re expatriate women, they’re usually living in a 5-star hotel room all the year round. If  she doesn’t have a place of her own, and is living with her parents, ask her to organize a hotel room for your meeting. She will do it, after all you’re giving her your valuable time, for no cost. 😉



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