Never call a client to “just chat”, always let her call you

A woman hires a gigolo because she wants to have fun without strings attached, she wants to hang out with a man who will not cling on to her after the meeting.

If a gigolo calls his client and tries to socialize with her like any regular guy would, then there’s no difference between him and a regular guy.

Women are tired of men who obsess over them, call them, send them text messages and don’t leave them alone.

The difference between a gigolo and those other men is that a gigolo gives her the freedom to do what she wants. She has the freedom to call the gigolo when she wants, she has the freedom to forget him when she wants. She is paying you for this freedom.

But if you start behaving like those other desperate guys, why should she pay you when she can get one of those desperate guys for free.

Never call a client, no matter how much you miss her or want to talk to her.

Always let her call you.

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