Does a man need training for this?

Ever wonder why a woman would want to spend time with you when she could pick any man she wants?

And why would she want to pay you money when she can get men for FREE?

And why would she want to pay you money when she can get a man to pay her money?

Think about that 🙂

Being a gigolo is about knowing how to make a woman feel so good that she is willing to pay for your time.

This is not easy. In fact, it is the world’s most difficult job, and the most fun 😉

Every woman fantasizes about being with a man who knows how to talk to her, how to touch her, how to make her laugh, how to pleasure and sexually satisfy her 100%.  She can get any man she wants, but she can’t find the man who will turn her on, and she will happily pay for the services of a man who can.

That’s what women pay me for. And I teach these skills to men, young and old.

Today there are more young, financially independent women out there than ever before, and more of them are choosing to stay single instead of getting married to a boring man who can’t turn her on.

To be a successful gigolo you need to learn the 3 most important things :

  1. How to project masculine energy
  2. How to help her experience multiple orgasms
  3. How to market yourself (specifically, how to avoid the 12 most
    common mistakes guys make while offering their services)

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Note : Training is not cheap. If you want to be a gigolo because you are poor and need the money, sorry, get a job first, women are not turned on by jobless men. But if you love women and want to spend time with a variety of women from around the world, and more important, if you enjoy the challenge of making a woman spend money on you while most other guys are spending money on women 🙂 then welcome, you’ll do well as a gigolo.

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