6 questions every gigolo must answer (here’s # 2. The MASCULINE ENERGY question)

 icon-quote-left The MASCULINE ENERGY question:
Can you make a 60 year old woman blush like a shy teenager ?  icon-quote-right 


Women hiring gigolos don’t want boys, they want a man who displays masculine energy.

Masculine energy is a boldness and confidence that makes a woman feel feminine and fills her with the desire to surrender to your masculine.

Masculine energy has nothing to do with how old you are, or how strong and tall you are, or what big biceps you have. You could be a short 20 year old college student and she could be a tall 40 year old corporate executive. But if you give out masculine energy, you can make her blush like a teenager and she will want to get intimate with you.

When you meet a client for the first time, do you stand at a respectful distance because you don’t have permission to get close? Then you don’t have masculine energy. But if you go right up to her, take her hand and kiss it, and give her a hug, without asking for her permission, then you have masculine energy.

When you enter her luxurious 5-star hotel suite, if you look nervously around the room and feel like you don’t belong there, then you are not displaying masculine energy. But if you ignore the fancy room and maintain eye contact with her (and only her) while giving her a warm hug, then you are displaying masculine energy.

She wants to go to a restaurant for dinner. If you enter the restaurant walking behind her and wait for her to choose a table and sit where she sits, then you don’t have masculine energy. But if you walk in first, choose the table yourself, hold her hand and lead her to that table, then you have masculine energy.

A wealthy, powerful woman has a lot of men serving her like servants. Her manager, her driver, watchman, secretary and other employees are mostly males who are always doing “Yes madam” to her. She is tired of weak men like these. She can get any of those men any time she wants, for free. If she is going to pay money, she wants a special man. A man who displays masculine energy.

In fact, powerful women love it when you dominate them, and tell them what to do. They are so used to giving orders to men, that they love taking orders from a man for a change.

Some of my regular clients are powerful women heading/owning companies where she is boss to hundreds of men. But when she and I are together, I am the boss, and she loves it that way.

Before I arrive at her house or hotel room, I usually tell her what she should wear. Sometimes I tell her to wear only a shirt with nothing underneath (no bra or panties) or I tell her to wear just a skirt with nothing on top, or I say wear only underwear and nothing else, or I say keep the lights off and be naked. I say whatever I feel like. It depends on my mood. And they follow my orders. They love to. In fact, they look forward to my orders.

It does not matter if she is a 30 year old gharelu housewife or a 55 year old corporate executive. When you give out masculine energy, women naturally see you as the dominant male and take on the role of the submissive female.

Masculine energy comes naturally when you have been with a lot of women. But even if you are new, you can generate this energy if you believe that you have lots of women in your life and that you don’t lack anything by adopting the attitude of abundance.



Tomorrow will be the last and most important question # 1

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P.S. Even if you don’t want to be a gigolo, following these tips will make you the kind of man that every woman dreams of meeting.

6 questions every gigolo must answer. # 6. The PRESENTABILITY question

Women can find a man anywhere, any time, for free. All she has to do is maintain eye contact for more than 5 seconds and he’ll follow her home like a little puppy dog.

This is even more true in India with so many sexually frustrated men desperate for s*x.

Expecting an Indian woman to spend time with you is difficult enough. But expecting her to pay you for your time? Now that is virtually impossible for most men.

But still there are successful gigolos in India. Some of them have so many clients that they cannot accept any more. So what are these guys doing differently? What can you learn from these successful gigolos?

I’ll call them the 6 questions every gigolo must answer. Ask yourself if you can honestly answer Yes to each question.

Starting today I will post 1 question a day, for 6 days. Today’s question is…

 icon-quote-left The PRESENTABILITY question:
Do you have the grooming and style of an attractive man? icon-quote-right 

A woman can find a sloppy man anywhere, but it is hard to find a man who takes care of his appearance. Get a hair cut. If you have long hair, wash and shampoo it. Greasy and unwashed hair is a turn-off. If you’re balding, don’t cover bald spots with sparse hair, that makes you look insecure and turns off women, better to shave your head completely and sport a cool bald look. Remove all unwanted hair. I mean, hair coming out of your nose and ears. Shave the carpet of hair on the back of your neck. Trim your chest hair, pubic hair, armpit hair. While bathing, wash behind the ears, between toes, and all those areas that guys usually ignore. Are your teeth yellow and stained? Brush with a whitening toothpaste, or see a dentist to have the stains removed. Keep your finger nails trimmed, filed and clean. Women notice dirty, broken nails and get turned off. Make sure your palms feel smooth and soft. If you have rough hands use moisturizer. Have nice smelling breath with mouth freshener or chewing gum. Spray deodorant so you are smelling good. Wear a good pair of shoes and ensure they’re appropriate to the outfit. Wear a fashionable shirt tucked in with neatly pressed pants. Here’s the simple rule: If you both are out at a restaurant having dinner together, and she meets her friends, will she be ashamed of you or be proud to be with you? Btw, presentability matters not just outside the bedroom, but inside too. When you remove your socks, they should smell fresh, not have holes. Your underwear should be colourful, sporty and fresh, not boring white, and definitely never dirty or stained! 


Tomorrow will be question #5. A more important one.


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P.S. Even if you don’t want to be a gigolo, following these tips will make you the kind of man that every woman dreams of meeting.

If you find a client beautiful, don’t let her know that

A woman can tell how much experience you have had with other women from the way you behave around her, from the things you say and do, and from the things you don’t say.

If you let her know that you find her beautiful, she will get the feeling that you have not been with many women, which means you don’t have much experience, which makes her lose some respect for you, and makes her wonder if she took the right decision by hiring you. She may pay your fees (because she does not want trouble) but there is a good chance she won’t hire you again.

Never show or tell a client that you find her hot or beautiful. Don’t give her compliments on her beauty, don’t be nervous and fidgety in front of her. Always appear calm, act as if her beauty is no big deal, as if you have been with much more beautiful women.

So should you never compliment a client? Of course you should, but not on her physical beauty like all the other loser guys do. Instead, compliment her perfume, or the mole on her back, or her choice of colours, or the way a strand of hair always falls on her forehead (if it does), or her sense of humor, or the shape of her boobs, the shape of her butt, the fragrance of her body, the aroma of her vulva…compliment anything except her “beauty”, only inexperienced guys do that and you don’t want to look inexperienced.


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