6 Questions every gigolo must answer

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6 questions every gigolo must answer
Women can find a man anywhere, anytime, for free! But it is not so easy to find a man who is skilled in these 6 departments. These 6 questions are what define a successful gigolo.


#6. The PRESENTABILITY question
Do you have the grooming and style of an attractive man?

A woman can find a sloppy man anywhere, but it is hard to find a man who takes care of his appearance.

Get a haircut. If you have long hair, wash and shampoo it. Greasy and unwashed hair is a turn-off. If you’re balding, don’t cover bald spots with sparse hair, that makes you look insecure and turns off women, better to shave your head completely and sport a cool bald look. Remove all unwanted hair like hair coming out of your nose and ears. Shave the carpet of hair on the back of your neck. Trim your chest hair, pubic hair, armpit hair.

While bathing, wash behind the ears, between toes, and all those areas that guys usually ignore. Are your teeth yellow and stained? Brush with whitening toothpaste, or see a dentist to have the stains removed. Keep your fingernails trimmed, filed and clean. Women notice dirty, broken nails and get turned off. Make sure your palms feel smooth and soft. If you have rough hands take a little moisturizer and rub it all over your hands.

Emolene cream is a good moisturizer. Get nice-smelling breath with a mouth freshener or chewing gum. If you have dental issues causing bad breath, see a dentist and have it fixed. Spray deodorant so you are smelling good. Wear a good pair of shoes and ensure they’re appropriate to the outfit (shoes and belt should be of the same color). Wear a fashionable shirt tucked in with neatly pressed pants.

A simple rule of thumb: If you are both out at a restaurant having dinner together, and she meets her friends, will she be ashamed or proud to be seen with you?

Btw, presentability matters not just outside the bedroom, but inside too. When you remove your socks, they should smell fresh not stink, and should not have holes, or sag from overuse. Your underwear should be colourful, sporty and fresh, not boring white, and definitely never dirty or stained!


#5. The ABUNDANCE question
Can you walk, talk, move in a way that shows you need nothing from anybody?

When most wannabe gigolos interact with a client, they appear like they need something from her. They behave as if they need her approval, need a kiss, need s*x. Needy is a turn off!

Some examples: If he is hired for an indirect service like a massage, he shows desperation to hurry through the massage and have s*x with her instead of providing just a great massage. If he was hired as a tourist guide, he is desperate to get physical with her instead of focussing on being the best possible tour guide.

Most men behave needily and it turns her off. She can find needy men anywhere, any time. Her neighbour is needy, the boys in her building are needy, her dhoodhwala is needy, the baniya is needy, the dhobi, the courier boy, the building watchman, the gardener, her driver, the salesman at the mall, the waiter at the coffee shop… everywhere there are desperate men needy for s*x and just waiting for a signal from her.

She can get any of them for free. But if she’s going to pay money, she wants somebody special. She wants a man who needs nothing from her, not sex, not money, not approval. A man who comes from a place of abundance.

Women can detect needy behaviour when she interacts with you by email, SMS, WhatsApp, phone. She can detect it when you meet for the first time. She can see it in the way you enter the hotel, the way you say hello, hold eye contact, shake her hand, hug her, the way you undress her, touch her, the way you transition from indirect service to seduction. She can sense it from your body language, your voice, your touch, your words. Example: If a client rejects you for some reason, can you cheerfully say “No problem, have a nice day”, turn around, and walk away without taking it personally? Suppose, while providing an indirect service, you start seducing her, and she says she’s not interested in seduction, can you calmly go back to continue the service without sulking or feeling rejected? If a client hires you once but not again, can you avoid calling her to say you miss her?

Can a man learn to stop appearing needy and start project abundance in the way he walks, talks and moves? At our training sessions we do elaborate exercises for this, but here’s a simple tip for now. Count your blessings. Feeling gratitude for what you do have is a powerful way to banish neediness. Don’t have enough money? Feel gratitude that you are not in a wheelchair, and can at least move your hands and legs, and earn a living. Don’t get enough sex? Feel gratitude that you can masturbate, there are handicapped people who can’t even do that. Like the famous quote, ‘I cried because I had no shoes until I saw a man with no feet’.

When you’re feeling gratitude, the women you meet can sense that you need nothing from her, that you are complete by yourself. And that is attractive.

#4. The FEMALE PSYCHOLOGY question
Do you understand what makes a woman think and behave differently than a man? 

Do you have any idea what a woman goes through in her life? Do you understand the misogyny and sexual abuse most of them face daily? Did you know that 80% of all women face sexual abuse at some point in their lives? Are you aware of the blackmail that many of them undergo?

Can you imagine what it feels like to bleed for 5 days of every month? Or the constraints she faces because of menstruation? Not just the physical and emotional constraints, but the social ones too.

Do you know why more women are choosing to stay single these days? They’re looking for a masculine man but unfortunately all they find is overgrown babies, mama’s boys. She’s not interested in such men. She does not want to live a life of compromise, pretending to have orgasms, pretending to be happy, like her married friends are doing. She’d rather stay single. Did you know, even women married to rich families are tired of their perfect lives? They live in a golden cage, have every luxury money could provide but they are dying to taste some adventure. Yes, dying. Many of the illnesses women suffer from is because they suppress their natural desire for adventure. Women are forced to do what society wants, what her parents want, and when she grows up, she is forced to do what her husband and in-laws want, what her religious leaders want while suppressing what she herself wants.

When a married man is found to have an affair it is forgiven as a stupid mistake but when a married woman has an affair it is a disaster, she is condemned for life for cheating on her husband and destroying the family’s reputation. Double standard.

Can you see the tears women hide behind the brave face they put up? The beautiful rose is what she shows in public, the thorny stem she always keeps hidden.

Did you know that when a woman has an affair it is not always because she does not love her husband? It’s usually because she misses passion and excitement in her marriage. Love is not enough, women need a good dose of lust too.

Some of the most loving couples I have met are impotent men who bring their wives to me. That wife would never leave her impotent husband. She loves him too much. Lust is not enough, women need a good dose of love too. Men hire a sex worker for a simple reason: he is horny. Women are more complex. She hires a gigolo because she seeks passion, adventure, excitement, even a bit of danger.


#3. The TRUST question
Can you keep her deepest secrets, even after she stops hiring you? 

The TRUST question Can you keep her deepest secrets, even when she stops hiring you? I once got a strange request from a client. She would hire me if I let her keep the lights in the hotel room OFF. I would never get to see her face, we would have to do everything in complete darkness. I agreed. We met like that twice. She then trusted me enough to have the lights on. She turned out to be a famous TV anchor of yesteryears.

Another client. I entered the hotel room and was surprised to find a young lady with an eye mask. She said she wanted to keep her identity a secret until she could trust me. Next meeting, her mask was off. It turned out, she was from a well-known business family of a south-Indian state.

Another client asked me to come to a famous coffee shop at Bandra and sit at a table for 15 mins, have a coffee, and leave. She would be in the coffee shop but I would not know her. She would check me out anonymously and then let me know later if she wanted to hire me or not.

I have got so many strange requests like these, that I am not surprised anymore.

After a woman hires the same gigolo a few times, she gets comfortable enough to share her most intimate secrets. When clothes come off, so do the masks.

You’ll learn secrets about her family, her friends, her job, her relatives, her company, her boss, her products, her fears, and more.

Can you keep her secrets?

The no.1 fear women have about hiring a gigolo is that if her secret leaks out into the public, society would shame her forever. The fear is greater if she is a celebrity or a powerful woman because then, even the media will talk about it.

Some of those secrets can be quite sensational, especially if she is famous or a senior-level executive of a famous corporation or belonging to a well-known business family. You see her photograph in a prominent newspaper, she and her handsome husband attending a social event, and your friend remarks, “Wow, only such a handsome man could get such a beautiful wife” and you feel the urge to tell him, “The husband is gay. She told me last week.” But you don’t say it. Because you are a professional. You smile and change the topic. You will never share your client’s secrets.

But what if she stops hiring you. Can you still keep those secrets? What if you have a fight and you are no longer on talking terms? Can you still keep your mouth shut?

Or imagine a worst-case scenario: what if, in a fit of rage, she asks you to fuck off? Would you now be so humiliated angry that you’d want to teach her a lesson and use her secrets against her? Or would you still keep her secrets?

Just nodding Yes at my questions will not do. LOL! You could be lying. She won’t believe just your words. Women are sharp. She will know if you’re trustworthy even before she meets you, by observing the smallest details. From the way you reply to her whatsapp message, from the way you speak to her on the phone, from your sense of humor, from your body language, your eye contact, the confidence with which you respond to questions…and from the many microexpressions that your body reveals.

And if she feels the slightest doubt that she cannot trust you 100%, she won’t tell you that directly. She’ll just decline you politely.


#2. The MASCULINE ENERGY question
Can you make a 60-year-old woman blush like a shy teenager?

Women hiring gigolos don’t want boys, they want a man who displays masculine energy.

Masculine energy is a boldness and confidence that makes a woman feel feminine and fills her with the desire to surrender to your masculine.

Masculine energy has nothing to do with how old you are, or how strong and tall you are, or how big your biceps are. You could be a short 20-year-old college student, she could be a tall 40-year-old corporate executive but if you give out masculine energy, you can make her blush like a teenager and she will want to get intimate with you.

When you meet a client for the first time, do you stand at a respectful distance because you don’t have permission to get close? Then you don’t have masculine energy. But if you go right up to her, take her hand and kiss it, and give her a hug, without asking for her permission, then you have masculine energy.

When you enter her luxurious 5-star hotel suite, if you look nervously around the room and feel like you don’t belong there, then you are not displaying masculine energy. But if you ignore the fancy room and maintain eye contact with her (and only her) while giving her a warm hug, then you are displaying masculine energy.

She wants to go to a restaurant for dinner. If you enter the restaurant walking behind her and wait for her to choose a table and sit where she sits, then you don’t have masculine energy. But if you walk in first, choose the table yourself, hold her hand and lead her to that table, then you have masculine energy.

A wealthy, powerful woman has a lot of men serving her like servants. Her manager, her driver, watchman, secretary, and other employees are usually males who are always saying “Yes madam”. She is tired of weak men like these. She can get any of those men any time she wants, for free. If she is going to pay money, she wants a special man. A man with masculine energy.

In fact, powerful women love it when you dominate them, and tell them what to do. They are so used to giving orders to men, that they love taking orders from a man for a change.

Some of my regular clients are powerful women heading/owning companies where she is boss to hundreds of men. But when she and I are together, I am the boss, and she loves it that way.

Before I arrive at her house or hotel room, I usually tell her what she should wear. Sometimes I tell her to wear only a shirt with nothing underneath (no bra or panties) or I tell her to wear just a skirt with nothing on top, or I say wear only underwear and nothing else, or I say keep the lights off and be naked. I say whatever I feel like. It depends on my mood. And they follow my orders. They love to. In fact, they look forward to my orders.

It does not matter if she is a 19-year old college student or a 30-year-old gharelu housewife or a 55- year-old corporate executive. When you exude masculine energy, she naturally sees you as the dominant male and takes on the role of the submissive female.

Masculine energy comes naturally when you have been with a lot of women. But what if you are new, can you still fake this energy? Yes, you can fake it. And you do this by believing you have lots of women in your life, even if you don’t. Fake it till you make it.


#1. The SEDUCTION question
Can you help a woman express multiple orgasms?

Wannabe gigolos have a common misconception that being a gigolo is about talking to lonely women, hugging and cuddling them, listening to their problems, making them feel loved while their husbands are away on business tours.


Women who hire gigolos want passionate action, not just talking/cuddling/hugging.

Can you provide passionate action? Now don’t send me emails about how big your pen*s is and how long it stays hard.

This is not just about intercourse. This is about the whole experience from start to finish.

Can you transition smoothly from indirect service to seduction or will you do it in a rush because you’re in a hurry to get laid?

Or will it be the opposite, will you be so scared to transition that you never get to seduction at all!

Can you touch her in a way that does not make her uncomfortable, but instead makes her crave more touch? (Tip: Don’t directly touch her private parts, do it with some delay. Example: While fondling breasts, don’t directly grab her breasts. First stay away from her breast, fondle ‘around’ breasts, take your time, don’t be in hurry to touch her breasts. The more you delay getting to the breasts, the more she’ll crave for you to go there).

Can you make her whole-body tingle with deep pleasure and not just her erogenous zones?

Are you an amazing kisser?

Do you know how to use fingers to reach spots that a penis can never reach? Do you know ways to move your fingers to caress spots inside her vagina that she did not even know existed? Do you know how to use a combination of fingers and palm to give her the deepest orgasms she would have ever experienced?

Do you know how to use your tongue?

Do you know how to help her express multiple orgasms whenever she desires?

Do you know the psychological blocks that make it difficult for a woman to express orgasm? Do you know what to say and do, to help her get around those blocks and experience full-blown orgasms?

Just nodding Yes as you read this, will not do. Telling me you’ve had 8 girlfriends will not do. Saying that you have been married for 10 years will not do. The question is: do you know how to do it? Have you done it for women? Did they love it? Did they love it so much that they are calling you for more and you don’t have the time to see all of them? And if they are not calling you, why not? If you know the art of seducing a woman and giving her multiple orgasms, women will be addicted to you. If you are too busy to see her, she will wait for you to get free, even though there are hundreds of gigolos offering their services for free on the internet and will happily come over immediately.

Master the art of seduction and women will want to be your slaves.


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